Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Firefox 22 and Blocking Third Party Cookies!

Release of Firefox 22 is going to happen on or before 25 th June. From the 25 th of June and the release of Firefox 22, third-party cookies, especially those operated for advertising, will be blocked by default in the Firefox browser. Barring unforeseen circumstances, it is from the June 25 release date of Firefox 22, the Mozilla browser will block third-party cookies by default. The implementation of the new rule is ongoing and the browser version is now in phase Aurora (before then the Beta and the general availability).

Specifically, these are the cookies from non-visited at least once by the user will be blocked by default areas. This new cookie management rule includes advertising cookies. This new initiative by Mozilla already used by Apple Safari was strongly criticized by leading industry associations to online advertising, including the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and the ANA (Association of National Advertisers).

In Europe and in France, it is the Asic (Association of Community Internet sites) that has seized the issue and called on governments to oppose what it calls a violation of net neutrality. The ASIC is also concerned about a risk of challenge to free a number of online services.
This measure, if it happens, might have an impact on the generated many publishers and users of creative platforms made available by Internet intermediaries and ultimately deliver free of advertising revenue certain services to users said one the critic.

Cyber Security and Huawei

Despite optimistic growth forecasts, Huawei fight again and again against Western countries who continue to assert that the company infringes on cyber security.  At the root of these problems, the chain charges of dumping by Western governments but also and especially cyber espionage. According to the Intelligence Committee of the U.S. Congress, Huawei have strong collusion with the Chinese Communist Party, who would be capable of transmitting confidential information. Suspicions fueled by the fact that Ren Zhengfei, founder of the group is a former engineer PLA.

However, there is as yet no concrete evidence to suggest that Huawei has actually worked with the Chinese government for cyber espionage. According to Stewart Baker, a former assistant of the Department of Federal Security, the U.S. government does not even know clearly identify which suppliers and assemblers are influenced or subsidized by the Chinese government. The reason for the knee-jerk reaction of Western governments is she really a precautionary or rather a form of economic protectionism? Telecom contracts group, which is currently second-largest supplier of telecommunications equipment behind Ericsson continue in effect multiplying.

Guo Ping, CEO of the firm, was quick to respond to the escalation of radical measures to prevent the company to expand in the West assured that there had never been any incidents their products threatening computer network security. And he quoted, since they are the key suppliers of US networks there is no possibility of threat in terms of security for the US and he confidently assured that they will overcome the challenges and problems in a spirit of fairness and transparency  In December 2010, Huawei had already opened an assessment centre for cyber security, to publish tests to ensure the good faith of the company and providing concrete evidence to Western giants resistance of the material to cyber attacks.

It is true that Huawei is a company known for being at the forefront of technology. Therefore, the U.S. edition of Huffington Post questioned the character of the productive measures against blocking access to the U.S. market from Huawei. Paradoxically, wanting to protect themselves from cyber attacks, the U.S. government could make it more vulnerable to such attacks.A dozen technology companies have recently sent a letter to Congress stating that the bill is to restrict purchases of Chinese equipment actually preventing the United States from acquiring technology, placing the country "in below the curve of innovation in the field of security. "

Monday, April 8, 2013

Top Reasons to Buy an Ultrabook or Macbook

The trend has been there. Laptops were getting thinner and thinner as consumers demanded products which are more lightweight and could comfortably fit in most of our bags .However consumers did not want machines that compromised performance over convenience, something two companies, Intel and Apple were able to achieve.

Intel developed the Ultrabook while Apple developed the Macbook and later the Macbook Air. These types of laptops can be considered to be notebooks, only slightly larger in size, thus named subnotebooks. Unlike Laptops, ultrabooks and the Macbook air do not have optical disk drives like the CD/DVD/Blu-ray disk drives and usually have only one Ethernet port and in some cases ,none. These features are removed to make the ultrabook and the Macbook as thin as possible. However, the performance of these subnotebooks is the same as of any laptop with most ultrabooks and Macbooks operating with i5 and i7 intel processors and with RAM reaching a maximum of 8GB just like most laptops. Ultrabooks and Macbooks differ in the sense that ultrabooks are manufactured by various manufacturers under the patent of Intel. The most popular ultrabooks are those of Samsung, Asus, Toshiba and Sony. Macbooks, now replaced by the Macbook Air are manufactured by Apple Inc. Although both machines run on Intel processors, the Ultrabook run on Windows while the Macbook use Linux.

There are several reasons why one may consider buying an ultrabook or a Macbook air:

Portability - This is probably the reason why they were invented in the first place. While laptops can be carried around in a suitcase, you can't toss most of the current laptops into your bag and even if you can, you only make the bag 6 to 7 pounds heavier. Most ultrabooks and Macbooks are only 3 pounds in weight and thin enough to fit in any bag.

Long Battery life - Most ultrabooks and Macbooks have at least 4 to 5 hours of battery life maxing out at 9 hours which is similar to the current battery life of most laptops. This is because today’s much smaller processors do not suck as much juice as previous versions.

Several concerns have been brought forward on whether ultrabooks and Macbooks can operate as fast as Laptops. This mainly depends on the kind of work being performed. For those into high end gaming, complex graphic design and editing movie videos, ultrabooks may not be up to par but for everything else, the ultrabook and Macbook will perform just as well as any laptop.

The absence of the CD/DVD drive is usually an upset to many. However, most of what we used to watch on DVD can now be streamed or downloaded from the internet and the storage of information has long since shifted to flash drives. However, for those who still love watching DVDs or Blu-ray Disks, there are external CD/DVD drives hat are thin and easy to carry around with your ultrabook or Macbook without adding any bulkiness to the subnotebook. As for the Ethernet port, most ultrabooks do come with a single Ethernet port, however if you intend to buy one which doesn't have one ensure that there is reliable Wifi in your area. An Ethernet port however other important functions other than cable internet thus it is usually recommended that one buys an ultrabook that has an Ethernet port.

Overall, if you want the speed and performance of a laptop without the bulkiness that comes with it, an ultrabook or a Macbook is a viable investment.

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Olloclip for iPhone 5

The Olloclip is well known to fans of photography on iPhone. This small accessory can enrich the camera of an iPhone by adding to the Apple Smartphone a wide-angle lens, or macro. Simple but effective on paper, but is it the perfect solution for enthusiasts who want iPhotography go further. The Olloclip is as compact and reversible attachment. On the one hand, it has a macro lens and wide angle, on the other hand an optical fisheye. The unit is positioned in the upper right corner of the iPhone, the lens being placed directly in front of the camera sensor of the Smartphone. Button standby iPhone is temporarily disabled. To change the lens, simply remove, replace and return the Olloclip, except for the macro lens that is used by unscrewing the Wide-Angle lens.

The Olloclip is compact, lightweight, but quality assured by the manufacture. The accessory exudes strength and quality workmanship. In use, it stays in place and during transport, provided the two covers used to protect the front lens. But there is no provision to protect their rear, including dust. To avoid unpleasant surprises, transport in a pocket is to be avoided and the use of small carrying bag is essential.
Using the Olloclip does not require any special software on the other hand and all photography applications found on the App Store can be used with this accessory.
The Olloclip is also generous in chromatic aberration. While they are virtually absent from the photo taken with the iPhone 5, they are marked on the edges of buildings in wide-angle and fish-eye, as soon as one moves away from the field covered by the native iPhone photo sensor.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Apple apologizes for its policy to China

For the past several weeks in China, Apple was the target of virulent criticism about its techniques. Attacks in the media, have forced Tim Cook, CEO of the firm, to apologize for some differences in treatment. A differential treatment; given particularly to china have created a wave of protests and Apple has been the target of a barrage of criticism. Difference in treatment that may exist on certain products between United States and China created a furor. iPhone 4 and 4S were were replaced in Europe and it was subject to standard repairs in China made the uproar in China.Tim Cook has issued an apology on the official website of Apple China. It essentially recognizes that communication was poor, and that the firm should better inform consumers Chinese. More specifically, he explains that the iPhone 5 will almost always be replaced in case of problems, while models 4 and 4S will most certainly can repaired. Cook does not explain exactly why, but we have to imagine that the finesse of the iPhone 5 and its complex manufacturing process are due for replacement.

However, he did not respond, as pointed out The Verge, a charge carried by several Chinese media. According to the media in China, Apple carefully avoids the replacements because Chinese law obliges for the undertaking which provide a full year of technical support. However, in the case of replacement, the warranty is only 90 days. No word on a course such an assertion. The firm recognizes, however, still have a lot to learn from the Chinese market, and conduct a review of certain clauses of warranty.
Who made excuses fly. According to Reuters, however, excuses Tim Cook have borne fruit. Apple won’t apologize easily. The last known case is also the Plans, including the chaotic launch could hardly be ignored. Chinese media have generally endorsed the approach. Even the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the response had been "conscientious."

Apple accused of "arrogance unprecedented," Thus its side enhanced by the declaration of Tim Cook. Chinese firm Control Risks analysis has indicated that Cook "had to get up from his chair and meet the CEO," which "shows the importance of China and how it is a critical market not just for Apple but for any multinational company.” According to the consulting firm Redtech technology, Apple has also learned to be more "proactive". He added that in case of future problems, the company will find it easier to get back on their feet.