Saturday, March 16, 2013

OS X 10.8.3 is Available Now

Apple distributes the new version of OS X. This revision 10.8.3 is available via the Mac App Store for all users of Mountain Lion. Its beta test was particularly long since started in the last days of November 2012.

The following are on the menu:
• the possibility of converting the code of iTunes gift cards in the Mac App Store using the camera built into your Mac;
• Support for Boot Camp to install Windows 8;
• Support for Boot Camp Mac with a 3TB hard drive;
• solving a problem of unexpected applications probably due to the URL of a file (the famous bug File);
• solving a problem probably caused the crash Logic Pro when some modules are used;
• solving a problem likely to cause poor audio quality on iMac 2011;
• Integration of Safari 6.0.3.

We used it daily since its first beta on one of our machines (iMac Core i7 previous generation) without encountering any particular problem. The activity on the Mac was still fairly standard: Safari, Mail, Twitter, Antidote, Reeder, Skitch, iTunes, App Store, etc...

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