Thursday, March 14, 2013

Know your Samsung Galaxy S4 -2

As said the rumor a few months ago, Samsung has actually had novel methods of navigation with the Galaxy S4 who did not need the user touches the screen of the device. One of the first named Air View, which lets you swipe your finger on the screen of S4 to initiate additional input methods. For example, you can preview videos, see several tabs at the same time. Air Gestures is also possible with the Galaxy S4, and in fact a cool method of interacting with the device. You can make a hand signal from left to right or vice versa to scroll through the images in the photo gallery S4, change browser tabs or change songs in the music player of S4. Left and Right actions are not the only input methods Air Gesture because you can also do up and down to scroll through a web article.

View Air and Air Gestures rolled out as expected, although the two functions should be set in motion as it is disabled by default. The S4 could recognize the methods waved, from the open hand, a clenched fist, and even something as crazy as the salvation Vulcan were all recognized by the device. View on Air, tilt the S4 to scroll in an email or an article was as easy as they said, although I'm curious to see how this function works when you walk down the street and you accidentally tilt your device.

Given the time that our eyes see our Smartphone, it's a little scary to think that we can look at our devices to interact with us in different ways. Galaxy S4 is equipped with facial recognition technology to know that we are doing, not to spy on us, but for two features: Smart Pause and Smart Scroll, as the rumors say. Smart Pause function is presented as a way for the Galaxy S4 whether you give your full attention to the device if not it should pause the video you're watching. As cool as it looks, I've never been able to run the function with the little time I spent with the device. I do not know if my glasses or lighting has something to do with it, but even turning my head completely, the YouTube video has not paused. I guess the ability of the device to "see me" with correct lighting is the key to make it work.

Smart Scroll is another function of the Galaxy S4 watching you so that you can use while you are reading an email or web page to scroll text without having to touch the phone screen. It could be a very interesting feature if you hold your S4 with one hand and a drink in the other and you do not want to let go continue to read your article. Simply tilt the phone in the direction you want to scroll the words, and it will automatically done. Staying healthy is important for the vast majority of people, because we're in gyms, go out to run, and even do a basketball game from time to time. If you have your Galaxy S4 in hand, it will help you keep an eye on your health with very little interaction. After all, Samsung says its Galaxy phones are "made for humans", right?

In its program S Health, there are three tools that will help you maintain good health. The first is a pedometer, which counts the numbers of steps you take in a day, but if you are on a hill or slope, which respectively requires more or less effort. The second is a tracker comfort level, which takes into account the temperature and humidity of the day to let you know, "Hey! You got hot and dripping sweat today. "Last reflects what you eat to count calories.

Samsung does not make a ton at the moment, but the Galaxy S4 created KNOX, part of SAFE. Both are software programs that make life easier for IT Departments that manage Smartphone, especially in a BYOD (bring your own device) where employees and firms want to separate the data and apps "professional" and "personal". For now, the company cannot see any private data, which makes employees happy. On the other hand, professional apps are completely isolated and IT managers can easily remotely wipe in case of theft, or if the employee leaves the firm. KNOX we covered at the MWC 2013, so you can see what it is.

As you are probably aware, the Galaxy S4 will provide its users with unique features, but Samsung is also working on accessories to help you get the most out of your device.

One of the first things is improving its S Covers, which is called S Cover View. When the S Cover View is combined with the Galaxy S4, it will display information about a small window that will give you the time, incoming SMS, the identity of a caller or the ability to accept or decline a call telephone. This allows you to take your phone to tell the time or accept or reject an incoming call much easier because you no longer have to open your device to completely manage any of these simple tasks. Before today, we knew that Samsung would give substance to its Galaxy S4. The company has diversified to provide phablets, tablets, mini-tablets, among others, but its range of Galaxy S Smartphone has always been their mobile products with the most successful to date.

Galaxy S4 goes further than the Galaxy S3 is the most beautiful and powerful, while the phone will seriously consider those who do not yet have a Galaxy S device or iPhone owners when it will be available to second quarter of 2013.

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