Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Telesigns Identity Verification Software

For smart security and all authentication solutions, TeleSign protects the global consumer web and Cloud companies against all types of fraud with its amazing products. Telesign products, of identity verification software, are easy to implement with powerful method to identify and reduce online fraud and spam, like Telesign 2FA, Telesign verify, thus eliminating frauds which has helped many users with this technology especially in the form of the user’s phone. Their product set empowers the phone as the main mechanism to eliminate fraud and are designed with a focus on reliability, scalability and delivery. They offer localization service in over 87 languages, protecting around 2.5 billions downstream accounts in more than 200 countries. The provider uses the phone as verification and authentication tool by sending a call to the user and a one time pin code enabling the user to provide information to trace an audit trail. The use of identity verification software helps in the prevention of fraud, spam as well as bulk registration.

It is essential to use the identity verification software to overcome any instances of fraud or spam in the present scenario with many fraudulent prowling all over the place. It helps to authenticate the consumer’s identity quickly within a few seconds. This service is operational all over the globe wherein the interested user receives a call or a text message. No start fees or set up cost is involved for this service, on the contrary, a consultation on best services according to the user’s requirement is provided by their supportive team on board. Their teams are available to help users to navigate the fraud prevention eco system thus creating dynamic approach in fraud reduction. Their team partner with clients creating custom solution integrating the provider in holistic fraud strategy. The customer service team also works in close coordination with partners and customers striving to understand their business and fraud challenges that come their way, providing industry best practice and expertise on the best option to integrate and deploy their products and services. The company’s experts have been trained on specific challenges, compliance regulations, threats, where they use cases for specific industries helping customers in the overall security and risk strategy.

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