Sunday, March 3, 2013


HTC has downplayed his presence at MWC, merely a small stand somewhat apart. The opportunity to spend some time with its new model, the One, presented a few days ago. The photos do not do justice to the  HTC One X, especially in the light purple and green stand HTC. With its all-metal unibody shell back rounded, HTC One X is just as luxurious as the iPhone 5. It is a little more reassuring, perhaps because it fits better in hand, perhaps because it has only one polished bevel. In all cases, it is an undeniable success.

HTC One X is another success in screen technology. HTC is restrained and did not exceed 4.7 ", but there cased 1920 x 1080 pixels, for a definition record 468 dpi. Add some bright colors but not too bright and good and you get, in a nutshell, a beautiful screen. Quantum leap between the screen and the Retina display is less impressive than a screen between non-Retina and Retina display, but remains sensitive.

The overall level of performance is excellent thanks to the 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, the new Snapdragon 600, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The new HTC overlay, which reminds home screen and Windows Phone Flipboard, this mask a little power with transitions too long and too unwanted effects present. The home screen, called BlinkFeed, also leaves an impression mid-figue mi-raisin. It is supposed to give information at a glance, but the thumbnails are so large you have to scroll to see would not do three songs. It is a constant Sense: by wanting to do too much, HTC finally create noise, lots of noise. We can happily hide BlinkFeed.

The camera Zoe leaves a better impression. If it is impossible to judge the actual quality of the environment seen pictures of exposure, the ability to record a variety of animated pictures, with a duration of three seconds, is more interesting and useful than expected (the parents may appreciate). HTC burst mode is always practical to select the perfect shot from a selection of 20.

HTC One X will be available in March for less than € 700.

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