Friday, March 29, 2013

Apple iTV

Apple is preparing to launch iTV for the Smartphone and tablets, and shake up the television market. All the rumors and the most beautiful fan design at a glance. Apple dispensed with his TV on a full HD display and offers the same to a 4K model it seems. According to "DigiTimes" Cupertino is working on an Ultra HD device called "iTV" at a resolution of 3840x2160 pixels. But there are skeptics. Reasons are an ultra-high-definition TV would be very expensive and not a product that the consumer exchanges quickly with a new model generation. The company is thrives on but that customers always buy new equipment.

Even in Steve Jobs biography reveals the Apple CEO in an interview with Walter Isaacson, that he has become intensely concerned about a television. How far the work had progressed in Cupertino to a TV set, but Jobs did not reveal. It then regularly circulated about the alleged new Apple TV. The name Apple TV is, however, already tied to the set-top box, which for years provides television channels with an iOS-like interface; access to iTunes has and brings content from the iPhone and iPad on the big screen. In Britain, a channel called iTV radiates from its program since 1955. Thus the two popular names for Apple's television are already occupied. So it's exciting to what name at the end and the choice is.

The predictions concerning the size of the Apple TV's vary between 30, 42 and 50 inches - with more than just a screen size to start are possible. A retina display size that would still priceless. Apple CEO Tim Cook recently referred OLED as insufficient, so it will be interesting, the technology for which Apple chooses. With the iMac and the Thunderbolt display Apple has screens on offer, which could be modeled on the design of a television. Alternatively, there is also an orientation on iPad mini or a completely different appearance. So far, however, only curiosity raged outside Cupertino and waiting for them to publish their designs for the iTV. From the company headquarters, there has been no evidence for this yet.

Movies, series and music and more already sell through its iTunes store. A basic listing is thus available, but on a TV of course also includes the classic television. In addition, there will certainly be apps for the small screen and possibly Apple uses this opportunity to also introduce the iTunes Store flat rate offers. With the surface of the set-top box Apple TV Apple has been trying for several years in practice, such as a TV remote control. The user interface of the iTV will indeed guided by the appearance of the Apple TV software, but will certainly be changed by Apple and yet to clarify them.

A television of course Apple can go wireless or cable network online. In addition, probably a ThunderBolt port is available, the Apple used on all computers. To USB ports and there is no way a TV needs logically an antenna input. Exciting is the question of whether Tim Cook and his team believe that external devices may provide via HDMI, DVI or VGA video signals, or whether they consider unnecessary. There is so far no one really sure. According to the predictions of some experts, it would have been the end of 2012 Apple TV is able to buy. Currently, the fall is 2013 as the earliest release date, said an announcement would be considered as early as March. Surely this is long but not yet. Apple may wait even two or three years to present a perfect device with affordable Retina display.

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