Friday, March 22, 2013

Popular board game Abalone officially available for iOS!

Now the popular board game Abalone is available for iOS; with vibrant graphics and beautiful tones it produces almost the same feel as the originals. Abalone is a game for two. In the app you can also play against the computer. On a hexagonal field are white and black balls. You may move one, two or three balls at the same time in one direction (in a diagonal line, or move sideways). Here you have the balls of different color space from the crowd. If it is your opponent in a row over while more balls than he have available, you can oust him from the board. Who first six balls swept the enemy from the field wins. The principle is easily learned. In the iOS version, there are several configuration options. A compelling 3D design has yet to play this game. Strategy board game for lovers or sympathizers abalone is exactly on the iPad and iPhone right now.

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