Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting to the iPod nano 6

When September 2010 Comes, the revival of the iPod line is here! This year Apple has made changes more or less visible on his iPod. Let's start with nano. Nano in two versions: 8 GB to 169 GB and 16 € to 209 €, the range is available in 7 vibrant colors.

What's new in this version?

The size, Well it's the new nano 2G iPod shuffle with a screen. The screen is multi touch, i.e. with two fingers, you can rotate the screen. Personally I find this simpler technique, because it's annoying to have an iPod that turns its display automatically.


iPod nano keeps the dock connector and 3.5mm jack for headphones. Navigation is at your fingertips. To listen to music, touching music and select your favorite song, to go back? Swipe your finger from left to right. Buttons to adjust the sound very similar to the iPhone 4.

iPod nano features as the previous version of an FM tuner, RDS compatible! And you can stop and restart the radio whenever you want (Buffer 10 min).

It is quite possible to look at pictures, but given the size is not great. For movies, forget it! Over this function. The OS of the iPod is very fast! We would be in iOS 4. The wallpaper can be changed, the icons can be moved as the iPhone, you touch an icon and editing it to confirm.


The packaging is very small compared to the first iPod nano.

A beautiful iPod, very small! But expensive. The functions are intuitive but the price certainly is not my opinion. A price just above 100 € but would have been appreciated or even € 169 € 209 are not justified.

The Plus

* Design
* Simplicity
* Size
* The clip to the iPod shuffle
* The multi touch screen

The Minus
* Price

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