Friday, April 1, 2011

A new version of Mac OS Lion Developer

Apple has posted the second developer preview of its subsequent release of operating system, Mac OS X 10.7. Bug fixes and new interface for iCal in this preview of Lion always distributed via the Mac App Store.

While Microsoft is now distributing pre-release of Windows 8, Apple continues to develop its side, the Leo. The Cupertino Company has rolled out it’s a new beta version of Mac OS 10.7 Mac OS named Lion Developer Preview 2 to developers.

Also distributed via the Mac App Store, this preview is accompanied by a preview of Xcode 4.1, the development environment of Mac OS. Apple warns Thunderbolt devices are not yet fully supported. The most striking novelties brought by this Developer Preview 2 include iCal that has an interface similar to the iPad version and two separate versions for the operating system.

Gold Master, Final version ready for distribution, approaching fast. It anticipates a launch of Mac OS X Lion around WWDC, which is expected this year targeting the software part.

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