Monday, April 25, 2011

Inference From Apple Q2 results 2011

Apple released its results for the second quarter of fiscal 2011. The results were always highly anticipated between the launch of the new range of Mac Book Pro and the arrival of the i Pad 2.
Once again, Apple did not disappoint, It has announced a turnover of 24.67 billion dollars with a profit of $ 5.99 billion.

These results have something to give a smile to the management of Apple. Steve Jobs said in a statement welcomed the increase in 83% in turnover and 95% of profits. He explained that the Apple machine is running at full speed and will continue to innovate throughout the year. Apple posted sales growth of all its major products with the exception of the i Pod: 3. 76 million Macs sold is a rise of 28% over the same period of the previous year, 18.65 million of i Phone (+113%) and 4.69 million i Pad. Finally, the Cupertino Company has up to 9.02 million i Pods, a figure down 17%. On the other hand, we note that i Tunes achieved a turnover of 1.1 billion, which is a record regardless period.

Though the sales of i Phone and Mac are exceeding expectations, sales of i Pad are below estimates of analysts who had forecasted that 6 million units will be sold. It should be noted that the accounts for the quarter were 15 days in advance after the release of the i Pad 2 in the USA.

Regarding the Mac, it is the sales of laptops that were shown increase of 53% in one year, against a decline of 12% for desktops. Nothing too surprising, Apple enjoys strong sales of the Mac Book Air and the novelty effect of the Mac Book Pro release at the end of February. Aging desktop range has not been renewed since the beginning of the year.

The i Phone on its side continues to be a hit. Sales in the U.S. on the first three year jumped 155% thanks to the release of the i Phone for CDMA Verizon. However, according to Tim Cook, sales at AT & T remained very strong. He also said that the CDMA model would soon be available for sale in several countries, including Saudi Arabia. He also said that Apple had not pressed the idea of ​​releasing an iPhone LTE (4G) believing that the current chip sets require too many sacrifices on the technical level.

For the current period, Apple expects revenues of $ 23 billion and earnings per diluted share of $ 5.03.

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