Friday, April 1, 2011

Mac OS X Lion: Apple seeks expert advice on security

Apple has invited a few security experts to submit their comments on Mac OS X Lion. Apple has warned that they could get for free the beta for the assess "It contains several improvements in security countermeasures" says the invitation.

The select audience consists of people who in the past have made ​​up or found security flaws in Mac OS X. Examples include Charlie Miller used a year at trade fairs or Dino Dai Zovi, other lovers of this type exploits.

Unclear whether the practice is common at Apple, in each preparation to the arrival of a new OS, for its part, but Miller could not recall any precedent. Although it is not paid a consultation in good and due form to pass Lion screened, he said that Apple comes out of its isolation "Finally, their safety issues come to mind."

Miller as his counterpart have both said their respective twitters they could not reveal the content of their judgments, are bound by a confidentiality agreement as are developers.

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