Thursday, March 31, 2011

A SuperHero iPhone / iPod

As big as Apple TV, but aluminum clad, the SuperHero of iomega will not allow you to show your movies on your TV but to save the contents of your iPhone on an SD card. When I say content, contacts and the photos, Farewell music, notes, emails and appointments ...


But what is the advantage of this SuperHero from iTunes backup?
Well for a guy like me who has access to the Mac every night, there is none. Actually the backup is much longer than the SuperHero in iTunes. I found talking with my colleagues, users of iPhone 3Gs and 4 ... but not mac users! These people here have an iPhone but almost never sync their phones because they do not use iTunes. Well for those people, there the SuperHero!

For the first when you unlock your iPhone and / or iPod Touch (slide to unlock), The SuperHero prompt you to download the free application backup iOmega for data backups. Then the remaining is very simple, one button backup ", another" restore "and a third" options. "

Superhero 2

At performance standpoint, my 400 contacts are stored in 8 seconds. My 44 pictures took 30 min at 10 kB per second. The superhero does it well. Note that it only backs up photos from the film!

In conclusion, this product is the ideal companion reluctant to iTunes, people do not have a computer, or while traveling. Damage, however, that the backup takes place only on SD card, USB port would have been nice.

You will find complete information on the iOmega website here.

For the checkout, the price is 69 to 90 Euros

SuperHero 3

In the box you will find the dock, power supply with two adapters (U.S. and UK), and a 4GB SD card and a summary documentation.


* No computer required, the Superhero is autonomous
* Easy to use
* SD card backup
* Easily transportable


* Very long time to sync
* Backup on SD card, no USB
* Backup contacts and photos

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