Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sony claims to provide "the best camera" to Apple

This time it directly from Sony boss Sir Howard Stringer, who supplies the list of specifications of products coming from Apple (you can call it suicide ... live). He suggested that Sony should equip Apple with their best optical sensor.

Stringer attended yesterday evening, April 1, nice irony, an appointment held by the Wall Street Journal where he was interviewed by Walt Mossberg.

The Wall Street Journal make a brief report and repeat the passage in which Stringer emphasizes the paradox of his situation as a competitor but also a supplier to Apple, "It always leaves me perplexed, why should I give to Apple best camera? "

There is no more into detail on the component in question or its exact destination. He also explained that this component was to join an Apple device was manufactured in a factory in Sendai Japan hit by the tsunami.

As recalled Mac, the rumor of a partnership between Apple and Sony has a history. Going back in April 2010, are The Street, which afiirmait that Sony would replace Omnivision in the iPhone in the following year, with an 8MP sensor. We can then engage in speculation and consider that the hypothesis of an iPhone launch 5 to fall is the result of the problem with this plant.

Jim Dalrymple of The Loop (and former Macworld Magazine U.S.), who first raised the pitch shift, reiterated last Wednesday, the blog of Fortune, which published his ticket two days earlier had been confirmed by its "excellent sources ".

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