Saturday, April 2, 2011

iBackupTunes sharing your music

Without access to the new Amazon Cloud player, iBackupTunes [1.0 - U.S. - 1.59 € - iPhone / iPad] offers an interesting solution if you want remote access to your music. The application accesses music stored on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and allows you to duplicate all or part of this music in the application. You can then read iBackupTunes, but that is not the main focus of the application.

iBackupTunes also share music managed internally or by sending it in iTunes (it will then go through the software to retrieve it from the Apps tab) or by creating a Web or FTP server. You can then remotely access the music, provided, however, be located on the same network as the mobile terminal which acts as a server. You can exchange music between devices for example, even if a step is required by iTunes to add music to the iPod application.

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