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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Beats Announces First Headphones under Apple

Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones
Beats Solo2 Wireless Headphones 

Beats has recently announced its first new product, Solo2 wireless headphones, since its acquisition by Apple. Apple has agreed to acquire the acclaimed subscription streaming music service Beat Music and Beats Electronic, which produces the popular Beats headphones, audio software and speakers.

Beats co-founders, Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre, as part of the acquisition, would be joining Apple who is acquiring the two companies for a sum of $3billion. The purchase price consists of around $2.6 billion and approximately $400 million that will vest over a period of time.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO comments that `music is an important part of life and holds a special place in the hearts at Apple and hence they have been investing in music and are bringing together these extraordinary team in order to continue to create the most innovative music products and services in the world’.

 Jimmy Iovine adds that `he had always known in his heart that Beats belong with Apple and the idea started when the company was inspired by Apple’s unmatched ability to marry culture and technology. Apple’s deep commitment to music fans, songwriters, artist and the music industry is something special’.

Largest Acquisition made by Apple

The deal is the largest acquisition ever made by Apple. Beats Electronics is the maker of a wide range of audio equipment, car audio systems besides headphones, audio software and the company is well known for its brand of high end consumer headphones and speakers.

The company had relationship with Monster and HTC earlier and its headphones as well as portable speaker line had a great presence at Apple Retail Store locations. In late January, the company had also launched a music subscription services to compete with Spotify, Pandora as well as Apple’s iTunes Radio though the service is young, had reportedly added about 200,00 subscribers since its launch.

The headphone can be connected to any chosen music player through Bluetooth and would be going on sale this month in the US for about $300 in black/blue, white and red. Besides the wireless capabilities, the updated headphones do not differ radically from Solo2 on ear headphones, joining Powerbeats2 earbuds and Studio headphones in Beats wireless products.

Headphones with Built-in Rechargeable Battery

The headphones come with a built-in rechargeable battery which can run up to 12 hours of wireless playback time and should one forget to charge the headphones or the battery goes off, all that is needed is to just plug in the RemoteTalk cable and use the pair wired while continuing with your music.

Moreover Users can receive calls, skip songs as well as adjust the volume levels with the use of the `b’ button and volume buttons on the ear cup, expecting good hours of wireless playback, according to the company. Beats President, Luke Wood has commented that `they are taking the most popular headphone in the world and adding wireless Bluetooth functions to it.

The Solo2 is a world class headphone lauded for its acoustics and it joins the growing family of successful wireless products’. It was reported that Apple has officially closed on the deal to purchase Beat Electronic for $3B where Apple had announced the deal in an official press release.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Test flash: ITE iBeat Monster Beats

Along with his headphones, Monster also offers several models of ITE, which these iBeat marked with the seal, and targeting primarily users of Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad in sight of course). Certainly, the manufacturer knows fashion products trend. But would not it eventually tendency to rest on its laurels lately?


Embracing natural format 3.5mm, this iBeat, developed with the help of is not running for hours around the bush: it was shaped and designed pieces for lovers of heavy bass playing, and what are Priority lovers of hip-hop that will get the best. You have been warned: if your playlists are limited to songs that could be called calmer, and if you do not usually stir up your subway train by pushing the sound of your headphones to the last stop of the volume, know that you'd be hard pressed to find your account with this product ...


With its red wire and chrome finish, the iBeat clearly attempting to distance itself from the competition. We like where we like it, but does not leave their bet in any case not of marble, especially since the headphone wires shows a strength of the evidence. Getting back to the fact that it is especially designed for the iPhone, to name him, we note that it has the technology ControlTalk, resulted in the presence of 3 keys. One to take a call, the other 2 go up and down the volume. Nothing to spoil the product is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box, containing a total of 6 bits, and allow everyone to find his account. In short, the builder knows how to do to attract the eye of the barge, and proves once more.

Sound Quality

Too bad: we really thought that the manufacturer had learned from its past mistakes. It is not so, and this iBeat, volume "normal" tends to support too low, to the point of spoiling the pieces do not line up in the genre of rap well nag. Frustrating, because parallel, lovers of hip-hop will delight in throwing their favorite club bangers, even at a volume driven. However, do not think that we are here in front of the last dated yardstick in the genre. In case you do not usually listen to music encoded at perfection (so to speak), you go with these iBeat, bitterly regret your "lax", the headphones do not hesitate to place low above all, to the point that sometimes plays a bit dull. However, to end on a good note, it is stated that they are doing the honors with regard to the issue of isolation. A point to consider is undeniable!


Despite their devastating design (at least that is my opinion) these people to toil iBeat eclectic musical tastes. Designed to allow you to enjoy a good listening to your songs hip hop, they struggle when they are asked to get out of the way, as to render it difficult to listen to more music classics. Damage, especially when one realizes that it is still sold 99 € ...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Getting to the iPod nano 6

When September 2010 Comes, the revival of the iPod line is here! This year Apple has made changes more or less visible on his iPod. Let's start with nano. Nano in two versions: 8 GB to 169 GB and 16 € to 209 €, the range is available in 7 vibrant colors.

What's new in this version?

The size, Well it's the new nano 2G iPod shuffle with a screen. The screen is multi touch, i.e. with two fingers, you can rotate the screen. Personally I find this simpler technique, because it's annoying to have an iPod that turns its display automatically.


iPod nano keeps the dock connector and 3.5mm jack for headphones. Navigation is at your fingertips. To listen to music, touching music and select your favorite song, to go back? Swipe your finger from left to right. Buttons to adjust the sound very similar to the iPhone 4.

iPod nano features as the previous version of an FM tuner, RDS compatible! And you can stop and restart the radio whenever you want (Buffer 10 min).

It is quite possible to look at pictures, but given the size is not great. For movies, forget it! Over this function. The OS of the iPod is very fast! We would be in iOS 4. The wallpaper can be changed, the icons can be moved as the iPhone, you touch an icon and editing it to confirm.


The packaging is very small compared to the first iPod nano.

A beautiful iPod, very small! But expensive. The functions are intuitive but the price certainly is not my opinion. A price just above 100 € but would have been appreciated or even € 169 € 209 are not justified.

The Plus

* Design
* Simplicity
* Size
* The clip to the iPod shuffle
* The multi touch screen

The Minus
* Price