Saturday, April 2, 2011

A first application rejected on Windows 7 Phone

Brandon Watson had reason to commend the good performance of Windows 7 Phone and not worry about the Windows Marketplace: The Mobile Application Store Microsoft has just returned in the big leagues in rejecting his first application, Imagewind.

This application displays a stream of images from Twitter in real time, which has displeased Microsoft Imagewind proposed no filter images and a bit more daring than the average would have fallen under the eyes of young users.

The reason for rejection is not the only thing that makes it look like this matter to any eviction from the App Store. The application is actually present on the Windows Marketplace for a month, Microsoft is having "woken up" at the third update. The application developer has proposed to add a message explaining that the content was not filtered, but this was apparently not enough for the Redmond company.

The developer is then moved away: Microsoft denies its application even though unlike iOS, WP7 has no age rating in the Windows Marketplace, a solution to his problem. Imagewind is no longer available through a simple XAP file that can be used with a smartphone Windows 7 Phone hacked.

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