Monday, April 4, 2011

Computers in cars

Many of us may have built up the computers in cars, but they may be looking odd! These high power systems can only able to run during the ride. There are disadvantages like these, makes these types of systems get vanish and leave its place to the innovative means of today’s car computer systems. The main objective of this present car computer system is to make our vehicle live and get connected to the Internet all the time (even when you not in a drive). These car computers takes low power to run and the main advantage with these machines is they do not flattening the car battery.

A friend of mine named Jonathan told me that he has recently equipped his car with an excellent car computer system which he can access and monitor his car remotely! This machine can let him know all the information the includes the engine data and also the location of his vehicle in google map. It is really quite impressive to hear that he can stop, start or lock his car remotely by means of a cell phone outfitted with 3g network. I recently found an online site at, which is an exclusive place to get lot of information about the car computers like software programs, car entertainment systems and so on. I am pretty much impressed with this online site and would like to suggest this site for the people who want to know about the car computer systems. For more details please log on to Thanks!

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