Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mac OS X Lion with multi touch gestures

Without a wait of the seventh update of its OS, Apple has addressed its multi touch gestures. Apple was the first to introduce track pad that is able to manage multiple fingers simultaneously in its earlier laptops. You can stimulate with your two fingers the mouse wheel to move up and down in a track pad. Subsequently it had added bigger track pads and added the pinch gestures to resize, two fingers to rotate the image and three fingers to navigate through an application and four fingers to switch applications, presentations or display.

Mac OS X Leo does not change the usual features, but it integrates Apple’s multi touch gestures in track pad use. Transition from one space to another touch gestures are handy and they replace the key board short cuts. Though it is not yet fully developed Apple has tried this multi touch gestures in Mac OS X Leo.

In Mac OS X Leo, slightly changing your two fingers you can navigate in all directions, up / down, right / left, diagonal or round. In the new version of Apple System profiler the direction of travel is reversed in default. That is by sliding your fingers down you can run up to the top of the document and vice versa. And by sliding the bottom to top you can lower the pages of a document. In the beginning it may be little confusing but in daily use it will be handy. These features are of iOS and you can any time disable this in the system preferences. The novelty of using two fingers in Lion is very soft and easy to do. It is similar to that of Safari 5.5.

The gesture with two fingers is different from the three-finger gesture that existed in Snow Leopard. Apple added an animation in the form of layers when you go to the previous page, we go to the bottom layer and the current page slides over the side to find below the previous page.

A sliding two fingers also serves on the dock. Dragging two fingers up on an application icon in the dock, Mac OS X displays all the windows of that particular application. By doing the same thing on a stack, it can be opened without clicking on it.

Add to this a view that shows all the windows of an application and also displays recent documents. This independent multi touch gestures is the latest add in Mac OS X Lion and the combination of both accelerates access to a document recently opened.

By default, the three fingers can be used in Mac OS X Leo to moving from one space to another. Since applications can be a full-fledged space by switching to full screen, slide to the right or left makes this logic to move from one application to another. A double-tap of three fingers on a word brings up the pop-up dictionary built into the system. The function is not new, but this gesture prevents right click then "Look in the dictionary" as in Snow Leopard. It will be noted against the new format in the same spirit as a glance.

In the preference pane which is dedicated track pad, you can change any default behavior and return shipping by scanning. This mode is used, as in Mac OS X 10.6, go to the previous / next page in Internet browsers in the Finder or move to the mall next / previous

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