Monday, April 4, 2011

Sony confirms Honeycomb shelf for 2011

Well this year Sony will launch a tablet-based Android 3. Confirmation was given by its CEO, Sir Howard Stringer interviewed by Japanese newspaper Nikkei. This model will first be launched in the United States and its output would occur in late summer (good time to prepare for Christmas sales) or at least before the end of the year.

Mid-February, Engadget had obtained information on a tablet Honeycomb signed with Sony. With an outline of its design. At the time he had a bulge to improve his grip. The equipment would be a Tegra processor 2, a screen 9.4 "1280x800, front and back cameras, USB-A to receive, for example USB keys. Only physical buttons announced, those of volume and starting.

There was also talk of an infrared emitter for controlling Bravia televisions. The period of September for its launch was also mentioned. Sony during CES was also set a goal to rank in second position behind the iPad this market.

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