Sunday, April 24, 2011

IPhone 5, A New Apple Evolution?!

Rumors about the i Phone 5 are followed and all are not look alike. Everyone is more or less agreeing that this model will not come out before the end of summer, but still a question is not answered: Is i phone 5 will be a simple revision or big update?

This version will be anything but an i Phone 4GS.This new model is even thinner, more like an i Pod touch as an i Phone 4, and it would in some ways similar lines of the Mac Book Air and would have a bigger screen. It is about a 3.7 inch screen features and as the same resolution as that of i Phone 4. Therefore, the density would be slightly less (312 dpi against 326 for the i Phone 4), but that he would not lose the qualifier retina. Apple would ensure to give this phone of a larger screen without changing its size.

On the other hand, as suggested by Fran Shammo, CFO of Verizon, it is indeed a global phone capable of operating on GSM, 3G and CDMA. Another new button would be welcome with a touch area to perform gestures in order to run some commands too quickly to change applications. For example, we would find the actions Apple has experienced in the past in IOS. Furthermore technologies may be in the heart of the i Phone 5.

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