Tuesday, January 10, 2017

CES 2017: What to Expect at the Biggest Tech Trade Show of This Year

CES 2017_self_driving_cars
The gadgets extravaganza is back at Las Vegas with Consumer Electronic Show of 2017 (CES 2017) wherein as usual new TVS and other home appliances will make it way along with the newly crafted segment for the automotive technology based vehicles. Here is the quick breakdown of the upcoming segments from which we will see new gadgets being launched over the few days.


Televisions are an integral and classical spectacle of the CES 2017. Like last year we will get to see the launch of 4K and HDR devices but this time the price will be significantly lower. However the TV manufacturers are finding it hard to sell the televisions therefore they are actively trying to sell content or Ultra HD capability on their devices. The major players like LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony has opted for massive booth to showcase their might with their wider range of advanced displays.

Self Driving Cars: The New Entrant

CES 2017 has been jokingly referred as Car Electronics Show as a large number of automobile manufacturers have made their way in Las Vegas to showcase their self driving cars. In just a couple of years self driving technology has made huge advancement which is set to brings futuristic world right at door step wherein people can ride in the autonomous vehicles.

VR Headsets 

Last year’s CES brought the VR into the play which left everyone amazed with its limited yet mesmerizing capabilities. This year will bring weirder and more capable VR headsets which are expected to blur the line between reality and virtual reality to a great extent. Facebook was first to make headline with its amazing Oculus line of VR headset way back in 2013 but this year it keeping a relatively low profile which has opened up the space for others. Microsoft, HTC, Google and some other little known manufacturers has already launched their VR headset during 2016 and they are expected make comeback with next version of their devices.


This year’s CES 2017 is set to bring new generation of drones which are much weirder and wild than ever before. Currently the market leader us DJI which has no competitors near it to give it a stiff challenge. Drones will come in all shapes, sizes and with varying capabilities. A number of drones have been optimized for the indoor flying as a number of regulations has made it tougher to market and sell outdoor drones. Some will feature functionality to be used in the high-speed racing while some can even possess underwater diving capabilities.

Wireless Audio

Apple created a sensation last year during its launch event by launching it won unique wireless headphone but the wait for this exquisite offering has been prolonged as Apple failed to release device during Christmas holidays. A large number of headphone and audio device makers are making their way at CES 2017 to reveal their upcoming wireless audio devices in the wake of capturing the market. Since Apple has done away with 3.5 mm jack audio device manufacturers are showing an elevated interest in the wireless devices.

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