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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Go Cable Free with this Belkin Apple Charge Dock

Belkin Apple Charge Dock
If you own an Apple watch and an iPhone and suffer from the malady of too many wires all over the place then this Belkin Apple charge dock is the one for you. It’s right what the doctor ordered or in this case Belkin. This charge dock comes with a single wire that charges up your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously, allowing you to bid adieu to too many cables on the nightstand.

With the 21st century we have benefited from gadgets like the iPhone and the Apple Watch but add to that the cables that are needed to charge them with and you’ve got a full nightmare on your hands with cables streaming this way and that. But with this Belkin Apple charge dock, all that is a thing of the past. With charging becoming a lot more orderly. So, now you can enjoy the benefits from using those gadgets without worrying about messy charging cables at all.

Belkin Apple charge Dock is one sturdy Charging Dock: 

The Belkin Apple charge dock comes with a sturdy and not- so- easy- to- slip- off- base. This means that you can tap away while the iPhone is charging without worrying about the Dock and the phone going down.

Not only that, the fit of the iPhone and the Apple watch into the Belkin Apple charge dock is so secure, leaving no shift room, making the whole device feel sturdy and safe.

The lightning connector with some well thought of features makes it easier to use the Belkin Apple charge dock. The lightning tip moves backwards and forwards making it easy for you to slip your iPhone onto the charging dock easily and securely. There is even a dial on the back of the dock that allows you to choose just how much you’d like it to protrude from the base allowing the Belkin Apple charge dock to fit an iPhone with any case on it.

A Single cable to meet all your charging needs: 

The Belkin Apple charge dock comes with a single AC cable making charging not only simpler but which also means that you won’t have to use the charging cable that Apple provides with the Apple Watch. Making that cable a backup one that you can keep in the office.

The Belkin Apple charge dock is also a fast gadget when it comes to charging both the iPhone and the Apple Watch simultaneously.

Simplistic design all the way: 

The Belkin Apple charge dock isn’t something of modern art. It’s simple, innocuous design is perhaps its most defining feature. It does not feel that it is getting in your way and blends seamlessly with your work space or any space for that matter. Its space grey color adds to that unobstructive look that it has going on.

The design of the Belkin Apple charge dock is such that it has a space for the iPhone and another small space at the side for the Apple watch.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Olloclip for iPhone 5

The Olloclip is well known to fans of photography on iPhone. This small accessory can enrich the camera of an iPhone by adding to the Apple Smartphone a wide-angle lens, or macro. Simple but effective on paper, but is it the perfect solution for enthusiasts who want iPhotography go further. The Olloclip is as compact and reversible attachment. On the one hand, it has a macro lens and wide angle, on the other hand an optical fisheye. The unit is positioned in the upper right corner of the iPhone, the lens being placed directly in front of the camera sensor of the Smartphone. Button standby iPhone is temporarily disabled. To change the lens, simply remove, replace and return the Olloclip, except for the macro lens that is used by unscrewing the Wide-Angle lens.

The Olloclip is compact, lightweight, but quality assured by the manufacture. The accessory exudes strength and quality workmanship. In use, it stays in place and during transport, provided the two covers used to protect the front lens. But there is no provision to protect their rear, including dust. To avoid unpleasant surprises, transport in a pocket is to be avoided and the use of small carrying bag is essential.
Using the Olloclip does not require any special software on the other hand and all photography applications found on the App Store can be used with this accessory.
The Olloclip is also generous in chromatic aberration. While they are virtually absent from the photo taken with the iPhone 5, they are marked on the edges of buildings in wide-angle and fish-eye, as soon as one moves away from the field covered by the native iPhone photo sensor.