Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Attractive satellite services to suit every need

satellite phone
Communication system has been making great headway with satellite provider catering to mobile satellite phones, equipments and services enabling their customers to stay connected with family, friends and colleague all across the world. Service provider in the internet world have been offering their best prices on Inmarsat, Thuraya and Iridium satellite airtime and equipments to suit the needs of their customers. They have on board some of the most refined and knowledgeable satellite specialists, who render all the support needed in making the right choice on product, solutions and services needed by their customers.

Besides this, they also offer free consultation and quotation to their customers on the services and product provided by them. The provider has a backing of over fifteen years of satellite sales experience behind them and are well versed in extending their services and support according to the customer’s requirement. The products and services offered are handheld satellite phones from Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya. Satellite internet with marine terminals, land fixed terminals, land portable terminals and in-motion terminals as well as personal, land and marine tracking systems.

The iridium sat phones from Iridium Communication Inc offers truly global voice and data communication coverage and have been advancing similar to global enterprises, conducting daily critical mission activities via reliable, real-time, communication services. It’s LEO or Iridium’66 low Earth orbiting cross linked satellite, is one of the largest commercial constellation in the world operating as a fully meshed network which is supported by various in orbit spares.

Iridium solutions are the best choice for industries namely aviation, maritime, mining, emergency humanitarian services, government military, oil and gas, forestry, heavy equipment, transportation and other utilities enabling them to reach over oceans via airways and across the Polar Regions. Moreover they also provide service to their subscribers from U.S. Department of Defense together with other civil and government utilities all over the world selling their products, services and solutions through service providers network as well as value added dealers. Consumers if interested in their products can request an online quote at their site for the best offer on their products and solutions.

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