Friday, January 10, 2014

SteelSeries offers wireless game controller for iOS 7

wireless gamepad
SteelSeries introduces the first wireless gamepad for games especially for iOS 7. Up to four players can compete simultaneously on an iPhone or iPad. Who wants to play on his current iPad or iPhone with gamepad control, may yet resort to “pinch " Solutions Logitech or Moga .

Now SteelSeries has the first wireless gamepad Stratus presents at CES 2014 , which corresponds to the set by Apple's standards on games controller.

This means that for the Stratus an iPhone 5 , iPhone 5S, 5C iPhone or Fifth Generation iPod Touch is required. All games that support has been available since iOS Games 7 interface are compatible without further adjustments to the controllers.

Currently, among others, GTA San Andreas, Bastion and Call of Duty: Strike Team compatible with the standard. According to SteelSeries; Players can also dilly-dallying on HD TVs via Apple TV with Airplay. Stratus offers the classic controller design with a D- pad D-pad, a 4 -button layout, two analog mini- joysticks and four shoulder buttons.

In addition, it has an on and off switch and a pairing button for quick and easy Bluetooth connection to the iOS device. According to the manufacturer with a full load the battery lasts more than ten hours and has an average total charging time of two hours via the included USB cable.

For multiplayer matches up to four controllers with a single iOS device that can be connected, and in the middle of the controller is to display the red LED indicators to indicate the number of active players. The gamepad is now available on pre-order from the manufacturer for around 100 Euros.

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