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Saturday, June 6, 2015

UN: Encryption Must Be Protected

Recently, the office of United Nation for Human Rights has released its press release by stating that online anonymity and encryption of one’s personal data are the basic human rights in the cyber space.

According to the David Kaye, who is author and presenting the special report to the UN Human Rights Council stated that Online anonymity, encryption and security concepts for privacy are necessary for the exercise of human right and the freedom of opinion in addition of expression in the era of digital age. The more he added that these securities can be essential for the purpose of exercise of other rights such as; privacy, freedom, economic rights and more.

The report comes from the debate that how government should access the citizens' private data and other personal information for which government authorities are claiming that they are doing it for nation security especially after the attacks such as; 9/11 bombings.

Backdoor to access the users encrypted data: 

Edward Snowden make the privacy issue more important when in 2013, he leaked the multiple documents which was revealing that NSA and GCHQ is spying on all communication which are through internet as millions of the people in all over the world are using that platform. Apart from that now these agencies are also monitoring phone conversations in US and they are also tapping the phones conversation of foreign politicians. In present NSA and the US government is bullying the tech giants to provide backdoor into their products so that they can access the encrypted data and personal information about citizens such as; Emails of Gmail and Facebook chat history.

The whole issue comes in lime light in 2014 when US government forbid the few of tech companies from letting their users to know that US government is spying on that, but apart from that NSA also planted the malware in most of the software’s to pay on the US citizens. In recent interview US government claimed that it’s necessary for their intelligence agencies to access the encrypted data and personal information of users as well.

Is it good to spying on the people? 

It can be difficult issue for government agencies, who are claiming that spying on the internet communication and telecommunication will make than enable to identify the terror plots, but on the other side the freedom of opinion and protection of personal data is also important as they are basic human rights in all over the world. But if it’s really essential so state or government agencies must demonstrate the limitations on security which they are getting in the form of encryption.

State must be transparent if they are using any backdoor to spy on the citizens. However; its law in most of the European countries to disclose the encryption keys to the government, judicial and other agencies who have power to investigate legally in order to decrypt the group’s personal information for the mass surveillance.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Apple and Google Criticized Over Encrypted Smartphones

Apple and Google’s policy to encrypt their smartphones will be making the rescuing of kidnapping victims as well as foil the terror plots difficult, according to US with the FBI warning them of their decision which would not be helpful in kidnapping cases and terror plots. James Comey, FBI Director, criticized Apple and Google recently for developing smartphone encryption so secure, that it has become difficult for police to access easily on information stored on the devices even in times of search warrants.

The ability to search photos, messages as well as Web history on smartphones would help in solving various serious crimes right from murder to child pornography to attempted terrorist attacks. He also commented that someday it would matter a great deal to people and help them tremendously when they would be able to gain access to such devices when faced with these situations.

Comey further added that the FBI officials had already contacted the two companies who had announced their new smartphones encryption initiatives the previous week. His comment was that `he could not understand why companies marketed something expressly to allow people to place themselves beyond the law’.

New Encryption System of Privacy Concern

Comey remarked that Apple’s latest entry of mobile operating system, iOS 8 had been so thoroughly encrypted that it had been impossible to unlock iPhone or iPads for police while Google has been moving to an automatic type of encryption for its latest version of the Android operating system which has also been unable to unlock though it would be taking longer for the updated feature to reach its users.

The two tech giants have now decided to add new encryption systems of privacy concerns which have been sparked out by Edwards Snowden’s revelation of mass government surveillance.With Google and Apple, criticized for handing over reams of customer data over to the National Security Agency – NSA, they are now offering encryption software as a form of default on smartphones stating that it would now be impossible to comply with US government searches.

Quick Access to Phone Data – Save Lives in Emergency

Apple comments were that it was not technically feasible for them to respond to government warrants for the purpose of extraction of data from devices, the announcement of which has disturbed the American law enforcement with Comey adding his criticism to the issue.

He cited two examples of situations where the quick access by authorities to phone data could save lives in emergency. He also informed reporters at FBI headquarters that the officials of US were in talks with the giant tech companies, accusing them of placing people in a position where they would be beyond the reach of law.

Law enforcement does have the capabilities of intercepting telephone conversation if they have a wiretap warrant from court, however the new encryption system would block any access to call data, photos, contacts and even emails that may have been stored on the phone.

The former assistant director of FBI Criminal Investigative Division, Ronald Hosko, stated that the encryption would be protecting thousands of criminals who intend to do great harm, to people, both physically and financially.