Thursday, February 28, 2013

ZTE Open Firefox OS Smartphone Unveiled

Mozilla has benefited from MWC 2013 to announce the upcoming launch of Firefox OS in Europe and South America. One of the first Smart phones Firefox OS is the ZTE Open. Open the ZTE is a decidedly low-end Smartphone: it has a 3.5 "screen 320x480 px, heart of a single processor 800 MHz, 256 MB RAM and a 3.2 megapixel sensor. Do look no 4G LTE, NFC or Bluetooth, there is not - the ZTE reminds Open mid-range Android Smartphones in 2011. Available in blue and orange, Open ZTE is also nice in hand that could be another device in its class - ZTE does not disclose the price, but it will be "aggressive." Yes, it is light years ahead of the iPhone 5, but it can be compared to Nokia Asha.

The first launch apps may take several seconds, and bugs are numerous, Firefox OS is not finished yet. Operations are quite slow in absolute terms, but correspond to the data sheet: we are at a 3G iPhone when apps are stored. ZTE Open Firefox does not allow OS to shine, far from it, but the OS Mozilla has more potential than detractor’s webapps want to believe. The Geeksphone Peak, cruised the aisles of the show, he can already speak better: Firefox OS is not nearly as fluid iOS or Android, but very advantageously replace the proprietary OS in Java. Mozilla plans to launch Smartphone more opulent Firefox OS in Western Europe and the United States by 2014, a period in which will probably refine it and make it more competitive in the midrange.

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