Friday, January 27, 2017

So You Dropped Your iPhone in the Toilet, Now What to Do?

Apart from few selected phones if your latest Smartphone goes in a pool of water or drops in the toilet then it will bring a panic attack. Sony Z lineup is waterproof and so do Samsung’s elite flagship devices but not every one of those devices. Sadly Apple’s premier Smartphone of iPhone series isn’t even waterproof so problem lies at core is how you could recover the data or get your phone functional again after dropping it in the water accidently. Here are some of the smart ways which can set you in the right direction.

Steps to perform right after the incident

If you had accidently dropped your phone in water then quickly get into action in order to minimize the water damage. Turn off your device and dry it off using towel then pop out the SIM card, memory card and remove the battery. One should not put their Smartphone either in the microwave or under the hairdryer as it will end up in damaging the phone further.

If your phone appears faulty

In case your phone misbehaves or tend to work in an unusual way then you follow these steps. Silica gel is undoubtedly the best drying agent available in the market which can wonders for your Smartphone. Buy or get hold of some packets of silica gel and put it together with your Smartphone in a ziplock bag. Now forget about your device for a day or two in which time all the water in your Smartphone will be sucked up by the silica gel.

If this solution fails to work for you then opt for one of the simplest DIY cleaning or simply take it to your local repair shop to assess the amount of damage and root cause of malfunctioning.

Precautions for Future

One has to be cautious with their phone while using it near water body or resource in future. The best way to secure your device against water is to get a waterproof case which might be a costly affair but it will help you in saving hundreds of dollars in the long run. Online stores are filled a large variety and kinds of waterproof cases across the price points, models and makes to serve your need. Secondly you should develop a habit of baking up all your data regularly on your PC, laptop or Mac or even external hardisk to limit the amount of data loss from such incidents.

If you are an Apple device users then you can recover all your data from the iCloud or iTunes but you have to enable regular cloud based backing up feature to make most this feature. On Android you should start using the Dropbox or Google Photos to back up media content automatically at regular intervals. On the bright side Smartphone makers are giving a push towards waterproof devices in future which means consumers will get to choose more number of water proof devices but at an expensive price point.

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