Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BBC iPlayer App Comes to Apple TV


Apple has unveiled a new version for its popular Apple TV which shows a better design, user friendly interface and inexpensive price. Apple has made some interesting changes and additional of new features which makes this new version better than earlier ones.

Apple TV offers a ‘top layer’ over the big screen filled with exciting features, a well crafted and designed remote, voice control service, universal search which makes searching everything simpler and the much needed on-demand portal. However at the time of its launch few key video services were missing which seriously limited the joy of using Apple TV to the full extent. Apple has risen from its slumber and it has launched the iPlayer on new Apple TV via its built-in App Store.

iPlayer debuts on new Apple TV

The earlier generations of Apple TV were lacking the iPlayer, which was not much sorely missed but the absence of its new TV’S App Store was simply a gross mistake by the Apple. Similar kind of TV devices running of Android Os offers this service which makes the television much more enjoyable. Though there was another smart way to watch the iPlayer shows using Airplay in Apple TV but it was a cumbersome operation. On last Monday Apple took heed of this situation and resolved the problem by bringing the iPlayer on new Apple TV.

iPlayer will set new record in adoption rate

It has been estimated that more than 10,000 devices which includes even the Android smartphone tablet and computers will be able to run the iPlayer. In 2014 more than 3.5 billion TV and radio programmes were requested by the users on iPlayer and iPlayer is expected to break its own record in 2015.

New Apple TV much easier to operate

The new Apple TV is extremely easy to install and comes with just one power cable and HDMI port without much confusing parts. Users having the previous generation of Apple TV can simply unplug the old device and replace the new one in its place without even opening and using the new HDMI cable or power cord. Apple TV software as always is simple and straight forward which makes setting up streamlined. A new Siri remote is offered by Apple which automatically gets synced via Bluetooth. Apple TV can easily be connected to the phone just an authentication of the Apple ID is required. Users can purchase various apps from its App Store which works seamlessly and efficiently on the television and it will also help in improving the functionality of the television.

iPlayer fills one of the missing apps in new Apple TV

Currently Apple TV features more than 2,600 apps which comprise of some exciting games and productivity apps but users are still missing a number of core content providers such Sky TV and Amazon’s video service. However a recent software update provided by the Apple has brought some exciting features TV device which includes voice search for music and various bug fixes.

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