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Monday, May 7, 2018

Apple Admits Some iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Models Have Disabled Microphones During Phone Calls

 iPhone 7

Apple comes clean about disabled microphones during phone calls on some iPhone 7 and Plus models

For long Apple users believed that its products are devoid of any major kind of issues, bugs and virus attacks but sadly that doesn't hold true. Like every other smartphone, Apple's iPhone is also prone to bugs, glitches and attacks and this time around it’s quite embarrassing.

Apple has finally admitted that some of its iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models have been suffering from a bug which is disabling the microphone during phone calls. This issue is persistent with the iPhone 7 and Plus models running on the iOS 11.3 or later versions. Most of the users suffering from this bug have been seeing their speaker button greyed out during the calls or while using the FaceTime to video chat.

Knowing but not accepting

A number of users have been actively complaining about this issue on the Reddit and Twitter platform for past few months. They had specifically described the microphone issues on the social media but Apple has simply overlooked it. However, one of the leaked documents has suggested that Apple was alerted by its authorized service centres network but Apple has simply failed to take the action in time.

Apple engineers had come to the conclusion that only those iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models have affected which are running on the iOS version 1.3 or later versions. However, Apple has affirmed it is aware of the problem at hand and it is taking the right course of action to come up with a solution at the earliest for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users.

A noble solution

Apple has advised the tech support workers to relay the instruction to the customers. The best way to resolve this problem on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models is to unpair or turn any kind of Bluetooth devices or accessories connected with the smartphone. In case this fails to resolve the issue then run audio diagnostics which will give alert messages like "device could not detect dock" or "accessory not supported".

Upon receiving this messages on the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus models the tech support workers can start the lumber-some process of fixing the smartphone. The leaked documents, however, fail to clearly mention the software or hardware issue which seems to be plaguing a number of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices.

Apple seems to be a bit sluggish for some time to perform widespread testing of its iOS updates before releasing it. The issues with the disabled microphone aren't widespread but it has caused considerable pain for quite a number of users who took to the social media to raise this issue.

Apple is known for its excellent yet stiff warranty policy which is both loved and hated by the iPhone users. This time Apple is making the exception of allowing the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus beyond warranty to be fixed without any questions. The major thing to consider here is the price which has simply been non-existent on the leaked documents as well.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Apple Launches iPhone 7 Repair Program for Models Showing 'No Service'

Apple comes up with Repair Program for iPhone 7 suffering from “No Service” issue

A number of iPhone 7 devices were suffering from a technical glitch wherein devices showed no services right in the status bar. Apple’s Repair Program will help all the users with the faulty iPhone 7 to get respite from being unable to call others in need. Apple became aware of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus loss of cellular service issue and started the investigation immediately. . This issue was quite annoying for the users as there was nothing wrong with the tower reception the cellular coverage are available to the users without any interruptions.

Apple has investigated this problem in the iPhone 7 devices and came up with the conclusion that one hardware component has simply malfunctioned. Apple has even advised the authorized service providers to aid and instruct customers how to deal with their affected iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus models. The usual way of fixing any cellular reception related issue is to remove and reinsert the devices’ SIM card but that wouldn’t be much avail in this case.

Component malfunction is the reason

The investigation conducted by the Apple sheds light that a small percentage of the iPhone device manufactured specifically in-between September 2016 and February 2017 has suffered from this issue. In order to appease the customer Apple has decided to launch a Repair Program wherein it will be repairing iPhone 7 free of charge after checking it for the symptoms.

The reason behind the issue is mainly attributed to the failure of a hardware component present on the main logic board. Since it is hardware issue it is possible to fix by sending out an OTA update rather it will need proper repairing which isn't cheap either.

The model number of iPhone 7 affected by this issue and which happens to be eligible for the Apple's Repair Program includes

  •  A1660, A1780 - China 
  •  A1660 - Hong Kong, Macao, US 
  •  A1779 - Japan

Keeping customers happy with Repair Program

Apple has promised only to invest its time and resources in repairing the affected iPhone 7 models which has been manufactured ion the last two years. These models comprise of the iPhone 7 devices which came out after the successful reception of the first retail sales of the units globally. It should be noted that the iPhone Plus is not the part of the Apple's Repair Program.

The silver lining here for the customers is that Apple is willing to reimburse the amount for those who had already paid to get their iPhone 7 repaired prior to the commencement of this Repair Program.Way back in 2016 Apple has made internal inquiry into the wellbeing and performance of its iPhone line-up and it was found that the iPhone 7s was suffering from this bug issue. Afterthe dismal performance of the Apple iPhone X in terms of units sold has left Apple no choice but come up with a customer friendly Repair Program for the faulty iPhone 7.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: Should We Upgrade?

Upgraded iPhones – iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus

The three updated iPhones this year are the slick all-screen iPhone X, the latest iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, made available with wireless charging.


How does the latest iPhone tend to differ?

The iPhone X has a different appearance in comparison to the other iPhones. It’s more like the Essential Phone and the Samsung Galaxy S8 though with an increase in screen-to-body ratio. On slimming down the bezels and eliminating the home button, Apple seems to have packed a 5.8-inch OLED display in a reduced body than the iPhone 7 Plus together with the iPhone 8 Plus. Towards the top of the display is included an IR camera, for the front facing camera together with an array of sensors - `Dot Projector’ and 1Flood Illumination’.

Moreover, Apple has also switched the aluminium frame utilised from the time of iPhone 6 with a glass back though has maintained the comfortable curved edges that are now of `medical grade’ stainless steel on the iPhone X. Regardless of the claim of Apple that the glass tends to be most durable in a smartphone, glass tends to be a fragile material which would mean that the user would not only have to cope with the likelihood of cracking the display when the phone tends to fall but the rear as well.

At first glance, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus tends to look similar to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which seems to appear like the iPhone 6, with chunky bezels together with home button/fingerprint reader. Apple has also included a glass back to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus which tends to make it more delicate than its precursors.

What is the size of the iPhone X in comparison to other phones?

Some users have the penchant to the tiny, easy to use one hand dimensions. The amazing news is the `no bezel’ design which shows that the iPhone X is somewhat the same to the iPhone 8 than the Plus irrespective of its big screen. With regards to statistics, the iPhone X is said to be about 5.2mm taller than an iPhone 8 though the iPhone 8 Plus tends to be a substantial 14.8mm taller than the iPhone X. Moreover the iPhone X also tends ot be the same size as the Samsung Galaxy S8.

How does the iPhone X tends to work without a home button?

In order to get to the Control Centre, user could swipe down from the top of the screen towards the left, swiping down from the right side opens the notifications. These are small changes and not too complex. TouchID that are in-built in the home button have been replaced by FaceID on iPhone X tough TouchID tends to remain on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

What is Face ID?

Since the home button has been eliminated from the iPhone X together with the fingerprint sensor by Apple, it has come up with a standby in the form of Face ID which is a facial-recognition security process enabling the user to unlock their phone with their face. Face ID, unlike Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, utilises the new depth sensing camera of iPhone X for verifying the features which means that it is unable to be fooled with an image, the way the system of Samsung tends to do. It functions by utilising a `Flood Illuminator’, which provides adequate light for infrared camera as well as `Dot Projector’ for firing `30,000 invisible IR dots’ at one’s face. Thereafter the IR image together with the dot pattern is moved through neural networks for the creation of mathematical model of the face and is then matched to a stored 3D model. The information related to facial is protected by same `secure enclave’ utilised by TouchID while at the same time the data processing is carried on-device rather than of the cloud. Apple has stated that its tech is good enough for FaceID to function in the dark and also if one intends to improve on their looks like grow a beard, wear glasses etc. It’s left to be seen if FaceID would be living up to the promises made by Apple.

Should we care if iPhone X has OLED screen?

The iPhone X is said to be the first phone of Apple to have OLED display though Samsung had been utilising the same in its devices for several years. Apple’s IPS LED displays utilised tend to be good though OLED technology enables richer colours together with deeper blacks which is owing to the ability of turning each single pixel on or off whenever required. Considering stability, OLED seems to be a good upgrade due to its fantastic contrast of OLED screens which seems excellent for videos as well as photos and this is the reason people prefer an OLED TV. Hence it is good news that Apple has made the switch even though it has come up with this idea a bit late.

Are the latest iPhones faster?

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 features a new six-core A11 system-on-a-chip –SoC, comprising of four low-power core together with two performances cores which tend to build on 10nm FinFET manufacturing system rather than the 16nm process of A10 Fusion in the iPhone 7. Apple, on decreasing the process, has filled more transistors in a smaller space enhancing the performance as well as the battery life. Apple has claimed that the iPhone X has the potential of lasting for two hours longer on a charge than the iPhone 7 as well as it is 25% faster on performance cores and 75% faster on the energy efficient cores. In the meanwhile Apple has created its own Graphics Processing Unit – GPU for the A11 SoC breaking off with Imagination Technologies. Both the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus tends to have the same A11 SoC like the iPhone X. But the A11 seems to be a tough sell if one is a user of iPhone 7 and are also new to the features.

Monday, July 24, 2017

iPhone 7s: The Most Expensive Phone in the History of Apple

New rumors about the next Apple smartphone: In addition to the expected iPhone 8, there could also be an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus - with subtle differences.

It is the usual game in the weeks and months before the release of the latest iPhone. Professional bloggers, self-styled experts, alleged insiders and also serious media speculate how the new Apple smartphone will be, as it is said, and what features are expected.

So it's 2017 again. At the heart of the speculation is the generally expected iPhone 8 - if that is the right name. Because so far, Apple only increases the model number by a number every two years. So 2017 would actually be an iPhone 7s in the line.

But maybe there are even both? According to the specialist, referring to the Wallstreet Journal, Apple wants to bring out two other models, which are traded as "iPhone 7s" and "iPhone 7s Plus" in addition to its new flagship. Three at a time could be so in September - if that is the correct release date.

A difference between the model series could then be the display. While the iPhone 7s is based on a flexible OLED display

iPhone 7s

How does the iPhone 7s look - and what features does it bring with it? 

In fact, many indications for the new iPhone point to a new design. Apple's proprietary patents suggest, for example, that the display will be completely borderless. This means not only a larger display with the same or nearly the same overall size of the device but also that the home button could completely disappear.
The entire screen could then become a fingerprint sensor.

The release could also be possible - even speculations - but also by facial recognition. A 3D laser scanner could come into play.

According to the WSJ report, the Lightning adapter could also have some changes. The Apple may possibly replace with a USB-C connector - as it has since 2015 with Macs. This could simplify the connection of additional devices to the iPhone - but would also have the consequence that Lightning would be replaced again after five years.

Better battery in the iPhone? 

The next iPhone could get along without a charging cable. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI Securities claims this - and with his forecasts in the past has often been correct. For the wireless, Apple would have to rework the design of the inner life of the iPhone - but this should be without great difficulty. Perhaps then also a slightly larger and thus more powerful battery on board the new iPhone would be. That Apple disciples much more frequently than other mobile phone owners are looking for a socket, is well-known.

As it is well known, in the case of (branded) products in the tech sector, the brand, as well as the patents and development costs of the manufacturer, are to a considerable degree. The pure material costs are pushed by the Far Eastern mass production. A recent evaluation shows how expensive the iPhone 7 is in production.

The analysis of the market research company IHS have looked at how expensive the new iPhone models are purely on their components and the production is reduced. The result: The iPhone 7 costs in manufacturing 219.80 dollars per unit. The iPhone 7 Plus is five dollars more expensive.

The iPhone 7 Plus is, therefore, more expensive in production than the iPhone 6s Plus. The most expensive single item is the touchscreen, which basically consists of two components: the panel and the touch layer. This information applies to the version with 32 GB of memory. The overall cost of iPhone 7s is estimated to be around $1,400

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Why Apple's red iPhones are not 'Red' in China

Tech lovers, who are enthusiastic of using iPhone, perhaps always wait for the release of new handsets of Apple. So, when Apple has recently launched Red version of iPhone 7, everyone becomes excited to have an experience of using the stylish model. Apple has started a campaign with the name- Product Red, and it has comprised all its red colored accessories, including iPods and headphones. The company has planned to sell Red iphone 7 with its red color in order to back up RED- an AIDS or HIV charitable trust.

This campaign of Apple will surely increase awareness of people internationally and produce more funds because each of the deals is to be counted as donation to the stated organization. A specific part of every red colored gadget, sold in the market, will help in funding a group that is working hard for struggling against the serious disease, mainly in Africa. This affiliation has recently led to the contribution of one hundred thirty million dollar. CEO of Apple has said that Apple is now the major corporate supporter to their fund.

No relevance of charity RED in iPhone models for Chinese citizens-

The latest edition of Apple Red iPhone is intended to be made available in more than forty nations of this world. However, the most interesting fact is that the handset is not presented in China as red edition by promoting the charity. It is known to all that China has a high possibility to make large number of sales. But, still, the Red iPhone edition has not been promoted there. The perceptive online users have made out that the marketing strategy, used by Apple for the new version, in China and Taiwan is not same. If you look at Apple’s website, intended for Chinese citizens, you may see that iPhone 7 has no mentioning of the charity RED. Rather, it reveals some other information, such as, time and date for launching the model.

Possible reasons for which Apple has not promoted the campaign in China-

You should not think it to be a mistake of Apple. AIDS and HIV are one of the complicated issues in the country of China. Some agencies have also raised a warning about the threatening AIDS problem of China.

Though a significant amount of advancement has been seen among young generation, government strategies have not been able to prevent the increase of this grave syndrome among homosexual guys in the country. So, it has been guessed that Apple has considered AIDS to be a very sensitive subject to Chinese iPhone users.

There is another presumption behind of avoidance of Red branding in the nation of China. A media has claimed that the iPhone manufacturer has understated its relation with RED, after posting Dalai Lama’s image on a social networking site. China thinks this personality to be a separatist. Though there is no proof to confirm such reason, many Chinese people have criticized Apple’s campaign due to their step for wishing birth anniversary to Dalai Lama.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Apple Leak Reveals Significant iPhone 8 Upgrade

iPhone 8
All the tech freaks and IPhone fanatics have been eagerly waiting for the launch of their latest device iPhone 8. This is believed to be a game changer for its eye watering price, innovative catch up features and all new design. According to new information, this latest iPhone is most expensive in its line, and its super upgraded features make the gadget worth the big price tag. Ming Chi Kuo, KGI security analyst stated that the most reliable and trustworthy Apple tipster is back again, and this time it is sure to cause a massive stir. Along with hosts of new and enhanced features this Apple gadget will feature a compact form factor, and will have a dramatically improved battery life.

Better view with bigger size 

Recently, Kuo revealed some of the features of this brand new Apple device, one of them being super compact design. He revealed, that iPhone 8 will have a 5 inch display, but will not be larger than their 4.7 inch phones. This is a standout feature considered to be extremely modern, and has been used till date in the monster phablets. The compact size will make it handy and easily usable with one hand. Apple is going to achieve this look of a 5 inch display in a 4.7 inch phone by cutting the bottom and top bezels.

The extra space available in most modern Smartphone is practically of no use and thus Apple has decided to use that extra space and create a screen extension. The touch ID and iconic home button will be removed and integrated within the display. Well, this technology is not entirely new and was announced by LG in 2016, but Apple seems to have accomplished it before them.

Improved battery performance 

Kuo also revealed that this high tech phone will feature a 2,700 MaH battery. It is almost 30% larger than iPhone 7’s 1960 maH battery. The phone will squeeze in this battery using a logic board design, and thus by using this board there will be extra space for fitting in this bigger battery.

Although, Samsung a rival company of Apple has already launched phone with 3000 maH, iOS has always managed to get away with small batteries. This new iPhone launch will feature an OLED display instead of the standard LCD and is sure to offer a better and enhanced experience.

Major leap for Apple 

Both externally and internally, iPhone 8 is being considered to be the biggest update in Apple’s history. According to speculations, this new gadget will be names iPhone X and its launch will mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone. During the launch of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus Apple had broken its two year design cycle, and had given the same traditional design to three successive generations.

For this, several critics had accused the mega tech giant company of losing its innovative ability. This had affected the company both in terms of reduced sales figures and lower profit margins. The new and enhanced designs and features of iPhone 8 will definitely accelerate the margin scale.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

iPhone 7s Said to Keep Aluminum Design as iPhone 8 Gets Glass With Stainless Steel Frame

iPhone 8
Apple is all set to launch the next generation of iPhone this year after being snubbed for not-so innovative iPhone 7 last year. For this year Apple will be launching iPhone with 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen only. The smaller version will possess the usual aluminum casing while 5.5 inch will come with an undisclosed material while the all new 5.8 inch model will boasts a stainless steel frame. This has been reported by DigiTimes which is Taiwanese and it is known for keeping a tight tab on the Apple’s supply chain.

Not one or two but three iPhones this year

Apple is set to release three different iPhone this year which has taken everyone by surprise. This report is being attributed to sources right from the upstream supply chain. The largest 5.8 new model of the iPhone will feature the Samsung popular OLED display which can easily take the price of this smartphone shooting over $1000.

Apple opting for the OLED display is a smart choice as OLED is praised for its better color accuracy, wider viewing angles, faster response times as well as improvement in image sharpness. The three devices are being rumored to be iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 8 or Apple might go with the iPhone X. Apple is simply keep the tradition intact regardless of the snubbing by launching the upgraded variant of the iPhone 7 along with iPhone 8 this year.

Two actual scenarios which rumor suggests

The first scenario which very likely to play out in future is that Apple will opt for an edge to edge OLED display for its next iPhone range. It will also come loaded with the wireless charging capability and there will be an incremental upgrade to the screen size from traditional 4inch to 4.7 inch display. While the 5.5 inch iPhones will go with the usual LCD display and aluminum design.

The second scenario is that Apple will go on adding lass casing as well as wireless charging for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 7s models. Certainly this device will still feature the OLED display along with the much needed longer battery life. Thereby the traditional aluminum design will be left only on the older range of iPhone lineup while the entire latest model from 2017 onwards will opt for the OLED display as well as stainless steel frame.

Over the last couple of weeks a large number of rumors has emerged which showcases a wide number of features which will found on the next iPhone. Apple is expected to remove the iconic home button, 3D camera features, substantial increase in the internal storage space, iris or facial recognition technology along with an improved IP68-rate water resistance.

Though Apple like always has not made any official confirmation for the upcoming features and all of these can be regarded as a mere speculation. Apple will start the production for the next iPhone by next quarter and it will be unveiled in September as always.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Apple Attracts New iPhone Fans as Existing Owners Await Upgrade

Apple iPhone 7 launch was heavily criticized by all both the tech critics as well as users but it hasn’t dull the Apple aura at all. Apple delivered its best quarters a year ago with the launch of iPhone 6s but such shipments volumes were not repeated with the iPhone 7 as most of the people vouched for waiting for better upgrade in upcoming years. However things are not as bad as it looks or appears to most of us. Quite on the contrary Apple has been able to attract whole new generation of iPhone customers during this last holiday season. The services revenue is raising steadily with the iPhone 7 shipments and the share for Apple rose to its highest level in as many as 17 months.

iPhone sales are driven by new customers

Apple has maintained that the iPhone users are upgrading to the iPhone 7 at the same rate as they upgraded to iPhone 6s last year. Apple has been able to sell about 3.5 million more phones in the third quarter of 2016 which were driven by new customers. iPhone 7 was snubbed by the critics as it offered modest upgrade over the last iPhone but it still brought a range of features which includes an improved camera, water resistance, improved processor and enhanced camera. 2016 being the 10 anniversary of the iPhone it was expected that Apple will bring turnaround changes in terms of designs and modifications of the smartphone but Apple failed lived up to the expectation.

Apple is working hard on the innovation front as its R&D spending had simply jumped by 19% and so far company has spent about $2.9 billion in the first quarter. During the holiday season of 2016 Apple’s total revenue increased by 3.3 percent to a commendable $78.4 billion and it has been able to earn about $3.36 a share. The major breakthrough made by the Apple in this holiday season is also attributed to fact that Samsung Note 7 were recalled due to battery explosions.

Apple iPhone is galloping

The US performance of Apple iPhone adoption or upgrading to latest iPhone is slow as carriers have plans wherein users get discounts on their new devices for next two years. This ensures that consumers stick with their older devices for longer time than necessary. However these kinds of plans came to an end in 2016 and it has opened up a greater audience ready or upgrade for Apple iPhone.

Apple year to year iPhone sale decline has reached its high during 2016 which forced Apple to give a push it services in order to keep generating revenue through its Apple Music, iCloud and App Store. Apple device ecosystem is closely linked with its range of services which brings a wide amount of revenue for Apple apart from keeping the user-experience streamlined across its devices. Quite recent Apple financial reports has shown that its services grown by 18 percent to a massive $7.2 billion. Apple has set its aim to double up the annual total to a goal of $50 billion by 2021.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

How To Move And Delete Apps On An iPhone 7 With 3D Touch

Credit:Brad Moon
With over a million products already sold by the tech-giant Apple, it is time for them to unleash the new beast. Say hello to the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus! We live in a time where we are heavily dependent on technology. Compare to what we used to have a few years back and we can feel the difference.

Both the Apple iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus are one of the most technologically advanced phones in the market right now. It comes with the Apple A10 processor, which makes it 30% more efficient than its predecessor. A new dual configuration camera has been a significant improvement over the last year’s 12MP shooter. What makes it even cooler that it is now officially water resistant! Apple has removed the headphone jack which some may consider as an unwise decision.

The Techie Metamorphosis: 

One of the most interesting features of the new iPhone is the 3D touch that allows the users to do a lot more with their device. First introduced in the 6S, it did not turn out to be a huge success. Well now, you can access shortcuts a lot easier depending on how much pressure you apply on the screen. With the new ios 10, 3D touch becomes useful in so many ways but one should better have some tricks up their sleeves to make the most out of their devices.

How it works: 

Using a series of electrodes, pressure is detected and is sent to the “Taptic Engine.” After processing the information, a haptic feedback relays information back to the user. Apple’s ios was always user friendly but in order to stay organized, the user had to do touch and hold the app icon to move or delete the app. With the new 3D touch in offering, here’s how you can delete or move applications in the new iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus.

Touch and hold now reveals a small pop-up displaying the supported shortcuts of the app. For example, long-pressing the twitter app icon now pops up the options search, new tweet, new message and share via twitter. So now what? How to delete or move an app? Use the similar “touch and hold” feature but do not apply any pressure on the screen. Just hold on the app with the lightest touch possible and the familiar “jiggling apps” will appear on the Home Screen. You can now move or delete apps at your will.

Is it a Boon or a bane? 

Well, was it necessary? With all the additional hardware and software, it doesn’t come cheap. We know Apple for their brilliant engineering and amazing devices over the years and they have never failed to surprise us. This was a major addition to the new iPhone this year and yes, we love it. It takes kind of getting used to it but once familiar with this piece of technology, it’s a breeze. Organizing your apps was never so convenient and the 3D touch aids to it.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Portrait Mode Now Available on iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10.1

Portrait Mode

iOS 10 officially unveiled to people in general on September 13. Presently, over a month later, the principal significant programming upgrade has landed for the versatile stage. Apple has authoritatively discharged iOS 10.1 to general public. The product has been seeded in beta discharges since the end of September and conveys a couple of new increases to the product.

The new programming is, not surprisingly, accessible as a free overhaul for those running iOS 9, and the individuals who have as of now moved up to iOS 10.This new component in the Camera application makes staggering photographs and shows off the force of the double camera framework in iPhone 7 Plus. Effectively get to Portrait mode from the Camera application, in the middle of Photo and Square mode. It's accessible as an over-the-air (OTA) overhaul, and ought to take off now, so look out.


To the extent what's new, the fundamental center this time around is the incorporation of portrait Mode for iPhone 7 Plus proprietors. With Portrait Mode, clients will have the capacity to get a shallow profundity of field shot, like what's built on a DSLR. It will put the primary picture in the center, while the foundation will have a slight obscure. Representation Mode isn't for each circumstance.

Apple even focused on this dramatic while demoing the element. Be that as it may, with the right lighting and different variables, the new Portrait Mode will absolutely be an invited expansion for the iPhone 7 Plus proprietors out there in the genuine world.

The 12-megapixel wide-point camera on both iPhones incorporates optical picture adjustment, a bigger ƒ/1.8 opening and another 6-component focal point empowering brighter, more definite photographs and recordings at whatever time of day, while a wide shading catch considers more dynamic hues with more detail.

Modifications and Bug fixes-

The new iOS 10.1 discharge likewise incorporates fixes for CallKit, a couple changes in other first-party applications, and general off camera enhancements to make the general experience better.The rollout of the third iOS 10.1 beta comes six days taking after the arrival of the second beta and a month since iOS 10 was propelled to people in general. Until further notice, just enrolled engineers can have entry to the new beta by means of the Apple Developer Center or through the over-the-air overhaul from the Software Update choice on enlisted gadgets.

Step by step instructions to overhaul: 

Just to go the software update menu from the setting and then general menu and start the download. Ensure you have no less than a few gigabytes free on your telephone's stockpiling. Keep in mind to go down your iPhone through iCloud or your PC in the first place, and keep your iPhone connected to and charging to be sheltered. On the other hand, upgrade through iTunes.

The wide-point focal point is in charge of making a profundity guide of the picture being caught and dismembering the distinctive players to distinguish which ones to obscure.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

iPhone 7 Storage is Slower but It Really Does Not Matter

iPhone 7

Situations are developing and we are in a time, where timing is beginning to matter to Apple iPhone customers. In the moderately recent times, this did not. Apple used to push out their iPhones with slower chipsets and it could run applications and beguilements consummately.

Today, the A10 Fusion chipset from Apple, can without quite a bit of an extend run drifts around its Android accomplices. iPhone 7 plus has the fastest ever processor speed we can crave for but somehow with respect to benchmark, this inclusion is abundance.

Writing speed does not require much speed-

The iPhone 7 to an iPhone 6s customer feels brisk, yet it is next to no of difference. Essentially, the new chipset could render a video speedier on iMovie, however in ordinary use, like photography, opening applications, playing amusements, there is little that the new chipset does whatever other ways. There's no convincing reason to obsess about the slower 32GB shape as it’s basically the composing speeds that are slower.

According to some preliminary tests using Basemark OS II on a 32GB and 128GB iPhone 7, simply the phone's make speed is impacted by as far as possible differentiation, achieving slower speed on the 32GB phone. This is on account of some degree to SSDs' uncommonly puzzled form procedure that frequently forces low-constrain drives more than the greater one. Examining data from the drive, however, is essential and generally plays out the same transversely over different cutoff points.

Appreciatively, it's the read speed that is, for the most part, fundamental. It chooses how snappy the phone boots up, or how quickly an application is pushed. This is the reason the 32GB iPhone 7 will boot practically as fast as the 256GB one. Mainly, a vast segment of your consistent practices on the phone includes watching films and playing entertainments pivot around examining information off of the phone's SSD.

Your telephone writes information to its SSD, similar to when you take a photograph or record a video, it composes that information straight to your nearby stockpiling. Be that as it may, these undertakings require a great deal less transmission capacity than the SSD is really fit for performing. The read speeds still remain set up. This implies gaming and playing recordings won't see a refinement.

The maker points out that the slower right speeds don't for the most part, have any kind of effect, and this comes down to the same pointless abundance speculation. This is because most piece assignments needn't trouble with so much information exchange limit. SSDs can compose information in an overabundance of 100MB/s. Recording a 4K video, the most requesting compose work you can do on a phone, just requires a compose data transfer capacity speed of 30MB/s, which comes no place close to your telephone's compose speed limits. So a quicker compose speed would have zero effect in this situation. What most of this suggests is that it won't have any sort of impact.

Basically, if 32GB stockpiling is satisfactory for your necessities, then let everything out! In case you will dump tremendous video archives on your iPhone, you will be needed to choose the 128GB which will give you a faster make speeds at any rate.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Apple AirPod Wireless Earphones Look Crazy, But Work Great


Apple – Three Different Wireless Choices

Apple’s idea of doing away with the headphone jack without any type of replacement seems to make some sense on reconsidering this issue. Together with the iPhone, the company has announced three different kinds of wireless choices, comprising of two new Beats models with enhanced processors having extremely long battery life and the latest Apple AirPods.

The buds white in colour seems like Apple’s EarPods, and the headphones have been despatched with every iPhone. They seem to be much lighter when compared to the other Bluetooth headphones which can be fitted comfortably in the ears. The EarPods tend to be without the cord which means that they do not sound great; it would possibly be adequately good for some of the users.

The AirPods which is the company first ever Bluetooth headphones comprises of an Apple logo which sets it apart and looks precisely like the universal white EarPods. They come with a charging case which tends to double as a pocket-able storage unit together with a battery supporter which could top off the battery life of five hour for an additional 3 hours in just around 15 minutes.

Works with Any Bluetooth Enabled Smartphone/Tablet/Computer

The five hour life of the battery for the earphones is not great though it could be good for the tiny ear-buds. The small dental-floss looking charger packs adequate complete charge for 24 hours though quick charges them which can run it for a day or even two/three.

One only needs to familiarize themselves to swapping the buds back in the case when not inuse. Being a Bluetooth headphones they tend to work with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, tablet, computer or any other device which is wireless. On pairing them with the Galaxy S7 Edge, they seemed to work well for music and calls.

 However, when used with Apple devices, one tends to get some extra special features like auto-pairing. While in Bluetooth mode with non-Apple devices, the AirPods does not turn on or off when the same is removed from the years. The new headphone has been priced at $159, £159 or AU$229 though the same would not be available till October. The AirPods seems to feel like the regular EarPods though wireless.

Simplified Automatic Pairing

The AirPods is said to contain a secret sauce which several other wireless Bluetooth headphones do not have, simplified automatic pairing across Apple devices which run iOS 10 or MacOS Sierra. In daily use, the pairing process had undergone several hits and misses in the daily use.

In order to link them the first time, you could flip up the case of the lid of AirPod and the iPhone prompts if you desire to connect. On the iPhone 6 and 7 Plus, running a build of iOS 10 software having added compatibility of AirPod, the pairing is said to be automatic.

Several of the Android phones seem to have similar tap to pair task which tends to use near-field communication –NFC on compatible handsets as well as headphones.

Once the same is paired, the headphones seem to function with all the compatible devices of Apple one may own through iCloud. However in order to utilise these devices, you would need to locate a sometimes-hidden button in iOS to pick the audio source and then tap `AirPods’.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Review: An upgrade, but not a Revolution

iPhone 7

Controversial Alteration – No Headphone Jack

Up to now, the issue with smartphone cameras is that the digital zoom is just no standby for optical and Apple has taken the initiative regarding the same. For longer range images, it is said to be the best phone camera one could get. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have both been upgraded by 7MP front camera for selfies up from 5MP in the latest model.

 The most controversial alteration on the iPhone 7 is that there is no headphone jack. The analogue port of 3.5mm has been a feature in consumer electronics for years and in contrast to the other chargers or wires, the headphone tend to work well. When the iPhone 7 had been revealed, Phil Schiller of Apple had commented that the headphone jack had been out-dated and eliminating it was about `courage’ and Apple had plenty of solutions to it.

The bundled headphone of iPhone 7 tends to connect to the Lightning port while the phone also features an adapter for your old headphones. Geoffrey Fowler, a long time tech reviewer at The Wall Street Journal had claimed that the new iPhone 7 would bring fixes to what had affected the iPhone for years.

Adapt to Haptic Feedback Above Physical Push-Button

Considering it the anti-anxiety iPhone, Fowler tends to call the extended battery life and water resistance the fundamental points to the renovation of the line of Apple. With regards to the camera in the iPhone 7 Plus, Fowler seems to be less excited than most, calling it only equivalence with Samsung Galaxy S7 and Note 7. Though he admires the move to 32GB at a minimum, of Apple, he also tends to criticize Apple on the continued lack of microSD card expansion.

He comments that to `get over the missing headphone jack’, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus seem worth the upgrade for longer battery life, improved low light images as well as water resistance. Reviewer David Pierce has commented that the home button tends to be positive for the phone though may be negative for some, since they adapt to the haptic feedback above a physical push-button.

He had signed the camera in the iPhone 7 as a great one though the iPhone 7 Plus had given him more detail together with richness than any other phone camera he could have ever utilised.

Serious Contenders for Best Smartphones Period

He writes that `the iPhone 7 might not be a revolution, but it could be the catalyst for lots of them’. Reiterating the criticism from others regarding the new iPhone, Chris Velazco from Engadget also comments on the absence of a headphone jack, external design, ease of case damage on the Jet Black finish as well as the adjustment period of the new home button.

But Velazco tends to admire the DCI-P3 Wide Colour implementation of the latest iPhone and seems happy with the family of phone of iPhone 7. The low-light as well as the daylight shots of both the phones were considered much better or on equality with the camera on the Galaxy S7 Edge.

 Velasco writes that if one can get over the accustomed design and the no-headphone jack, then the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus seem to be serious contenders for best smartphones period.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Apple’s iPhone 7 Latest Snazzy Salvo in Encryption War

 iPhone 7

New iPhone 7 – Highest Level of Encryption

The new iPhone 7 which was announced on September 7 in San Francisco by Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to have the highest level of encryption. Being sleek, shiny and water resistant, it has a telephoto lens for sort of zooming normally reserved for real cameras. Very soon, millions of individuals would be going for an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus where each will be equipped with the latest Apple product of super-duper encrypted operating system, iOS 10.

Moreover, millions would be upgrading their older iPhone and iPads to iOS 10 also. This would be great profits for the Silicon Valley tech giant. For the FBI, it would mean big worries. The data on these services would be out of reach for law enforcement agencies almost overnight, across the country.

This is with regards to the latest instance in the dispute concerning the rights of individuals in having secure data and the reach of law enforcement to search out criminals. So far, though it has been a war conducted by lawyers and software engineers, a good resolution could only come from Congress with laws which would strike a consensus.

Apple Committed to Highest Level of Encryption

It has already taken a long time with months passing since the attempt of FBI to force Apple in building backdoor in its software for unlocking the encrypted iPhone of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook. With Apple’s refusal, the agency had paid hackers to do the same which had placed Apple in the hot seat.

Minus a guarantee of privacy, the company were aware that selling iPhone would be all but impossible and people would not trust its new services like the iCloud Keychain that enables users to store their passwords as well as credit card details in their smartphone. The company has subsequently intensified its encryption efforts, though Tim Cook did not devote time mentioning about it during the annual event of the company, recently. But there were new iPhones and Apple Watches to be disclosed.

 In August, Ivan Krstic, Apple security expert had offered a introduction on the iOS features at the BlackHat USA hacker conference in Las Vegas and Craig Federighi, Senior Vice President of software engineering, had reassured developers in June that Apple will be committed to the highest level of encryption.

User Privacy – Vital to Company

At the conference of the developers in June, Apple had stressed on its end-to-end encryption and had conversed on its work on degree of difference privacy. This enables the company to maintain personal privacy at the time of examining as well as knowing from crowdsourced details.

We are aware of what Apple had done in the earlier iPhone in order to protect user information. The present iPhone model, the 6S, tends to keep your personal information locked away with encryption and the company has informed that it puts in a lot of effort not to collect huge amount of data on customers like its peers, Google and Facebook.

As the best-selling product of Apple, the iPhone has been vital to the company’s stance with regards to user privacy. Federighi had mentioned that all this great work in iOS 10 would be meaningless if it came at the expense of one’s privacy.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

iPhone 7 - UK Release Date, Price, Pictures and All The Latest News

iPhone 7

Apple’s iPhone 7 - No Major Design Tweaks/Few Changes

Apple usually seems to reveal its next smartphone in early September and it would be disclosing the new iPhone in less than a couple of months. It would probably be the iPhone 7 which has been rumoured online much ahead of its announcement. Together with forecasts and remarks from analysts in the industry as well as specialised tech media, there were also many made-up leaked images.

Several portray the casing or material which are said to be in the new smartphone. Latest images displayed tend to give some insight on what the iPhone 7 looks like. On a Chinese social media, it has been portrayed as a similar model to the present iPhone 6s. The iPhone 7 is not expected to see much major design tweaks, though with a few changes.

 The camera lens for instance is much bigger which tends to hold true to the rumours circulating that the tech has been improving the on-board snapper. Besides this, the lines across the back are removed since the antenna has been shifted to the curves of the device. Unfortunately from the images, it is not clear whether the headphone jack is in place and its removal has been the main rumour regarding the new phone where most of the supporters of Apple seemed to disapprove on losing it.

Listed to Launch Three Variants

This year, Apple is said to be taking it a bit further and is listed to launch three variants, the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro/Plus/Premium. Yet another report has been listing the presence of three variants namely the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro.

Apple would be doing away with the 16GB storage variant, replacing it with a 32GB choice. Initially the company had introduced the 16GB variant in 2008 which seemed to stay as the base model since the iPhone 5 in 2012. However with the growth of the app culture together with the capabilities of 4K recording, this moved to a 32GB base model which seems reasonable in more ways than one.

A report of July again restated the end of the 16GB variant with confirmation from people who were familiar with the matter. Besides the 32GB base storage alternative, Apple is also planning to knock up the storage on the top model taking to 256GB.

Smart Connector

A latest report informs that the iPhone 7 would be made available in 32GB, 64GB and 256 GB options while the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro would be offered in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB alternatives. It has been reported that the antenna band has been moved to the top and bottom edges and a recent leak has once again pointed this too.

 Some reports have indicated that the iPhone 7 would be coming with Smart Connector which was first introduced with the iPad Pro to connect the Smart Keyboard Cover together with the other accessories such as charging docks, though other disclosures have shown no existence of the Smart Connector.

We need to wait and watch to see if the Smart Connector would make its presence on the iPhone 7 or if it would just be the top end alternative.The iPhone 7 of Apple will not be easy on the wallet compared to its past alternative.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Apple will Remove Headphone Jack from iPhone 7

 iPhone 7

Apple Headphones – Handset without Headphone Jack

A rumour regarding the new Apple headphones have been circulating recently and the first images of what seems to be of an iPhone 7 case has emerged online and seems to confirm the rumours that the new handset would be produced without a 3.5mm headphone jack. The images found by reliable tipster @OnLeaks indicate a transparent case having spaces for two equally sized speaker grillers together with the central lightening port signifying Apple would be intending to renovate the design of the bottom edge of the handset.

After reports first came up in early January, the rumours in recent month reveal that the upcoming model would be made one millimetre slimmer on removing the jack. The choice of removing the headphone jack could be a provocative one. Forbes state that `rumours suggest that Apple seems to be working on some pretty impressive technology comprising of a dual-lens system which means the iPhone 7 camera should be comparable to high quality DSLR cameras’. The company would probably include new wireless headphones together with the new handset or a pair of headphone that could connect to the phone via a lightning connector.

Eliminating Plastic Antenna Strips – Reasonable

Taking in account, Apple’s ownership of Beats, this would not be much of an issue. Third parties have been creating lightning connector headphone since June 2014 when Apple had extended its Made-for-iPhone licensing programme.

Besides this, the report also submits that the camera lens of the iPhone 7 would also probably sit in-line with its body and the plastic antenna bands would not stretch across its surface.As per MacRumours, the rear camera would be within the aluminium casing while the antenna bands would be only on the upper and lower edges rather than extending across the width of the handset.

 Apple spectators had been amazed at the decision of the company in permitting the camera on the iPhone 6 to project from its casing, claiming that it was out of character for Apple’s careful design standards as well as exposed the lens to scratching and other damage. Eliminating the plastic antenna strips also seems reasonable.

Features – Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner/12 MP Rear Facing Camera

The company had been granted a patent, last summer, detailing a metal composite capable of replacing the strips that was essential for the antenna of the phone to send and receive signal. The company is also said to be developing a kind of wireless charging that tends to free the iPhone from the need of being placed on a charging mat, which is presently the most commonly used format, as per Bloomberg. But this is doubtful of being incorporated in an iPhone before 2017.

Meanwhile, Apple has been preparing to send invitation to the media world ahead ofthe unveiling of the reported iPhone SE, which is a special edition 4-inch iPhone envisioned to take over from the iPhone 5s as the entry level model of the company. It has been rumoured that the new handset would feature a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and a12 MP rear facing camera, a near field communication – NFC chip which would support Apple Pay. Rumours reveal that the next flagship handset of Apple’s the iPhone 7, would feature various noticeable differences when it will be launched in September.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

iPhone 7 to Do Away with Antenna Bands and Protruding Camera

iPhone 7

iPhone 7 – Rear Camera in Aluminium Casing/Antenna Bands Upper-Lower Edge

According to news reports, the camera of iPhone 7 will be in line with its body and the antenna bands will now not stretch along its surface. The latest lustrous design would represent a move towards a much more uniform streamline presence.

 According to sources, the rear-camera would be within the aluminium casing and the antenna bands would be only on the upper and the lower edges rather than extending across the width of the handset. Several of the consumers were amazed at the decision of the company in enabling the camera on the iPhone 6 to protrude from its casing.

It is both out of character for the particular design standards, exposing the lens to scratches together with other damages. Doing away with the plastic antenna strips also seems reasonable. The company had been granted a patent last summer, specifying a metal composite capable of replacing the strips that are essential for the antenna of the phone in sending and receiving signal. The latest casing can be adequately thin to enable radio waves to pass through eliminating the need to coat the strip segment with plastic for the handset to send and receive signals.

Removal of Headphone Jack

Other rumours with regards to iPhone 7 comprise of removal of the headphone jack in order to develop a thinner body. The plan to eliminate the headphone jack to develop a slimmer body could be a provocative idea and the company could apparently include new wireless headphone with the new handset or probably a pair of headphones which tend to connect to the phone through a lightning connector. Since June 2015, third parties had also been creating lightning connector headphones when Apple had extended its made-for-iPhone licensing programme.

The company has also reported to be creating a type of wireless charging which tends to allow the iPhone from the need to be replaced on a charging mat, which is the most common format used presently, as per Bloomberg. But it is doubtful to be assimilated into an iPhone prior to 2017. The latest iPhone scheduled for release in September signifies and important moment in the history of Apple and the company has apparently reduced the production levels of iPhone 6 as well as 6s Plus by a third owing to fears of slowing demand for the unused year’s models inspite of early sales of over 13 million units within the availability period of three days.

More Advanced Hardware Changes – Encourage Consumers

iPhone 7 should have more advanced hardware changes in order to encourage consumers to buy it since the developing markets tend to reach increasing levels of saturation as the economy seems to shift from a buy to an upgrade cycle. The iPhone 5se, the next iPhone will probably be launched on 15 March at an event according to reports where the 4 inch handset would be revealed at a spring even in San Francisco together with the iPad Air 3 as well as some new Apple Watch straps.

The iPhone 5se is anticipated to have new features comprising of an upgraded camera, Apple Pay accompanied with Live Photos, for customers who tend to remain unconvinced by the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays which had been introduced with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in September 2014.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

iPhone 7 to Feature Wireless Charging and Waterproof Body


Apple’s Next iPhone – Wireless Charging

According to a report, the next iPhone of Apple would be the first to have wireless charging. A source has informed Fast Company that as support for the QI charging technology which tends to charge phones when they are placed on an inductive pad, would feature in the new model.The iPhone 7 would have a waterproof body due to the chemical coating and would do away with the headphone jack of the iPhone, as reported earlier.

If the wireless charging tends to be introduced, the iPhone 7 would be joining several Android models, inclusive of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 flagship that have the potential of charging by placing them on pads rather than being physically plugged into cables.

 It is said that the technology does not permit charging to be done over the air though it requires phone to be placed on distinct surface. The company’s first product with inbuilt inductive charging was the Apple Watch which utilises a magnetic connector that snaps onto the back of the device and recently had created a bigger magnetic charging dock based on the same design as its inductive charging puck.

New Wireless Headphones/New Handset

Inductive charging tends to work when electricity is transferred between two objects, the charging pad and the phone, for instance, through two coils such as a transmitter and a receiver. Alternating current is passed through the transmitter that tends to generate a magnetic field which in turn induces voltage in the receiver that can be utilised to power to charge a battery or a mobile device.

If Apple intends to incorporate the technology, owners of iPhone can benefit from Ikea’s wireless charging furniture range together with charging hubs in Starbucks as well as McDonalds all over the country. The option to remove the headphone jack for the purpose of creating a thinner body would ascertain to be a controversial one.

The company would probably include new wireless headphones together with new handset or a pair of headphones that tend to link to the phone through a lightning connector. The source has also mentioned that the company would incorporate noise-cancelling technology from Wolfson Microelectronics, a UK audio company that aims to eradicate background sound.

Technology Incorporated in Various Devices

Since June 2014, third parties were capable of creating lightning connector headphones, when Apple had extended its Made-for-iPhone licensing programme. The new iPhone was scheduled for release in September and signify an important moment in the history of Apple.

 It is said that the company had reportedly slashed production levels of the iPhone 6s as well as partner unit, 6s Plus by a third, due to fears of slowing demand for the `fallow year’s models, inspite of initial sales of over 13 million units in the three day of availability.

The iPhone 7 would have to have more innovative hardware changes in order to entice the legions of fan to purchase it since the developing markets tend to reach increasing levels of saturation as economy tends to shift from a purchase to an upgrade cycle.

Some of the smartphones as well as smartphone accessories have wireless charging abilities built in and this technology is being incorporated into various types of devices, appliances and much more.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Apple Could Remove Headphone Jack from iPhone 7

iPhone 7
Reports coming from a number of reliable sources had indicated that Apple will be removing the headphone jack completely in order to make next generation iPhone slimmer. This means users wouldn’t be able to plug their ear pods in iPhone though the Lightening port. Now users will have to rely on using the Bluetooth wireless headphones, which have become quite popular in the last few years.

Apple is known to make some drastic changes in the iPhone after each ‘S’ year cycle. This time Apple is looking forward making next generation iPhone 7 much slimmer than the earlier models. Apple had simply stayed away from making comments on these rumors.

iPhone has a history of fiddling with headphones jack

Apple has made a number of experimentation with frequently changing the headphone jacks. In 2007 iPhone possesses a recessed headphone jack which required an adapter in order to work with other headphones. After facing the ire of the consumer, Apple switched to the standard headphone port in 2008 with its iPhone 3G. As of now Apple is using the standard Lightening port since the launch of iPhone 5. Though it didn’t found much appreciation from the consumer but accessories were rather quick to adapt with this change.

Wireless headphones reason for ditching headphone jack

It should be noted that headphone jack happens to be widest external port on the iPhone. In order to make iPhone slimmer it has to go away and Apple will be able to make next iPhone about 1mm much thinner than iPhone 6s.

This doesn’t mean that iPhone users can use headphones with their iPhone. Apple is planning to sell Lightening compatible range of ear pod together with the iPhone along with allowing other accessories manufacturers to develop headphones. But there is a catch the headphone manufacture has to also provide the users with Lightening cables in order to make their headphones compatible with the iPhone.

Wireless headphone will become quite common 

Apple has show quite an interest towards the wireless headphones such as Lightening headphones manufacturers. It is also looking at the opportunity to start the Made-for-iPhone licensing program, which will allow headphone manufacturer to develop exclusive iPhone headphones. A prime Lightening connected headphone made its debut in the Consumer Electronics Show in the Las Vegas under the name Harm’s JBL Reflect Aware headphones.

More rumors surrounding iPhone 7

Lightening headphones offers a greatest advantage of drawing power directly from the iPhone without the need of possessing any internal battery. Other wireless headphones need to be charged for listening purposes but this simply uses the energy from the iPhone to render the sound. This move will certainly help in making slimmer and thinner iPhone and it might even result in other manufacturers to follow the suit. Another rumor has erupted regarding the iPhone 7, which states that Apple has patented a technology which will allow the phones to be used even with the glove and Apple has also got a patent to make its phone water resistant.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

iPhone 7 'will be as Thin as an iPod Touch'

Apple is set to host its mega September 9 event where it will be releasing the latest iterant of iPhone dubbed as iPhone 6s. But rumor mills are working overtime to second guess the specifications and features of next generation iPhone7 devices. On such rumor which is worth considering comes from a analyst at KGI Securities named Ming Chi Kuo who believes that next generation iPhone device will be as thin as the current iPod Touch.

The latest iPhone 6 and 6Plus, which was released last year was quite think device and bigger devices features 6.9mm and 7.1 mm thickness respectively. This analyst is predicting a further decline in the iPhone devices in upcoming generation in the range of 6mm to 6.5mm, which means will have to stick with its cell panel display technology over the glass screens.

Apple has made a trend to release thinner devices

Apple has long been following its self-made trend which focuses on developing more thinner and studier devices than before especially in the Smartphone segment. Thinner iPhones had earlier raised the concerns over the durability of handset but Apple has been able to bring the enhanced durability to its sleeker phones with reliance on studier materials.

It should be noted that a recent testing conducted on the iPhone 6s anodized aluminum shell had found that the device possessed the ability twice much amount of pressure the iPhone 6. The latest version of iPhone to be more precise the iPhone 6s was able to withstand 80 pounds pressure quite easily, which is good sign for the iPhone lovers.

Engadget Japan reports a thicker iPhone 6S

Engadget Japan had earlier suggested that iPhone 6s will be 0.2 mm thicker than the earlier iPhone device due to use of a new alloy. Analysts had made a lot of predictions about iPhone 6s which includes it might come with a relatively new rose gold design. Rumor mills even proclaims that iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will feature a relatively new 12 mp camera shooter with the capability of 4k video recording. Even the front facing camera will have the top notch imaging quality and video reproduction ability with 1080p videos at 60fps along with a flash support.

Force touch technology on new phones will be norm

Apple will be upgrading its new generation of iPhones with much acclaimed Force Touch technology, which will enhance the user experience. Force Touch technology can easily detect between the different kinds of presses on the screen and can offer different actions on basis of it with ease and grace. Reports suggest that this technology will help the users in enabling the menu shortcuts by performing different kind of simple presses right on the screen.

An enhanced Apple TV is also coming
Apple TV will be making a new move with featuring a one-of-a kind touch pad remote along with extra inbuilt storage and presence of Siri in it. Siri will help users in browsing content and selecting from different programs and it will also suggest the content to watch from.