Saturday, December 5, 2015

Apple Launches Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock


Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock – New Larger Pad

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, a new larger pad based with the same design like its inductive charging puck was launched by Apple enabling it to charge on its side and lying flat. The dock is designed to be used for both 38mm as well as 42mm models and tends to charge the Watch lying flat on the surface or on its side while in Nightstand mode.

Since its update of the operating software in September, the Nightstand feature meant that plugging the Watch in overnight could turn on a special screen wherein the time is displayed in such a manner that when the Watch is placed sideways, one could still read the time. Moreover, it also gives Snooze and Dismiss functions to the side buttons which are convenient on top in night time positioning.

Embedded in the centre of the dock is a charging pad which can be flipped up to charge a Watch placed on its side. It is accompanied with a lightning to USB cable though a power adaptor has not been included. Taking into consideration where some docks have been of uncertain built quality, Apple Watch is perfect with a white polyurethane circle holding a central chrome ring inside that is the Apple magnetic charging puck.

First Venture in Wearable Technology

This can be placed flat so that the Watch can lie on top with the strap open. It also effortlessly folds up for side-on-use purpose. The underside tends to have a soft, fuzzy surface which does not scratch whenever anything stands on it. Besides this, there are cheaper models though this one has simplicity of design together with elegance.

 It is the first time that Apple has come up with a Watch charging dock following several third party accessories. The latest dock can be purchased from Apple’s website at a price of £65 and would be available in Apple retail stores. The Apple Watch is said to be the first venture into wearable technology of Apple and is offered in three versions namely Sport in anodized aluminum, Standard in stainless steel and Luxury in 18 carat yellow or Rose gold.

Front-Facing Camera for FaceTime Calls/Inbuilt Wi-Fi

According to a report released earlier this month it claims that the device is believed to have sold about 7m units, since its launch earlier this year, which is more than its rival vendors combined together. Apple does not tend to release official sale figures for the Watch; however Canalys, the report by independent analyst company, claims that Apple seems to be the only smartwatch manufacturer to deliver over 300,000 units in the third quarter of this year.

As per Canalys, Pebble, its nearest rival saw deliveries reaching 200,000 in the third quarter due to the launch of its Time Steel smartwatch manufactured from stainless steel together with a colour e-paper display. Apple had released the latest software upgrade watchOS2, lending support for the third party native apps, new watch-faces as well as improvement to Siri.

 It is said that the second generation of Apple Watch is in progress for release next year with rumours featuring a front-facing camera for FaceTime calls as well as inbuilt Wi-Fi together with new superior models

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