Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Guide to Mastering the New Apple TV


Apple’s Streaming TV Box –Redesigned/Revamped

Apple’s streaming TV box features a redesigned remote control, a revamped interface with a full Apple Store. Besides streaming content from Netflix, Hulu and other services, the Apple TV doubles also as a gaming console.

It is said that Apple TV is not just for streaming anymore. It latest embodiment which will be shipped this week, tends to provide on the big screen almost anything one would earlier have done only on an iPhone or iPad. The new Apple TV seems to be an accomplished device though it is not flawless. The streaming TV features also tend to outdo its predecessor.

The Apple TV being a dependable streamer though till now its range had been limited to a few services which included HBO besides Netflix and Hulu. However, Apple did not let the addition of other channels like the competitive videogame play from Twitch.tv.

All this seems to have changed and the new Apple TV features the iPhone like app store which enables you with the choice of your own streaming services. It is no longer forceful in directing you to iTunes and the other service of Apple. One can customize their favourites on the home screen.

Quality of Video – Full High Definition

The quality of the video on the new Apple TV is very successful at full high definition which is technically known as 1080p and should be quite a bit for most of the individuals. Though video supporters may tend to complain that it does not maintain a high quality video standard known as ultra-high definition or 4K like the other streaming boxes do, but there are not many 4K TVs or much of the programming made available so far.

The remote of the Apple TV does not seem to have a headphone jack that the other streaming devices such as the Roku 3 and 4 as well as the Nividia Shield tend to provide, to spare family and roommates during night.

Apple TV on the contrary supports Bluetooth wireless headphones and one needs to buy them separately. So far it is not known whether one will be able to stream video from Amazon and Google Play. Both the companies seem to have competing video stores and one point could be the cut that Apple tends to take on in-app digital sales.

Voice Search with Siri Virtual Assistant

Other main services expected on the Apple TV include Google’s YouTube. The CBC News app will be compatible for iOS with Apple TV at the time of launch and on adding the CBC News app; users would then be in a position to watch The National live and on demand together with demand episodes of Marketplace as well as the Fifth Estate and latest news clips.

Besides this, the new Apple TV also permits voice searches with the use of Siri virtual assistant. On request, Seinfeld or Jennifer Lawrence together with Apple TV can look through the catalogs for iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime with much more.

 Users could also ask for good documentaries to view. By default the Apple TV comes with the following apps namely iTunes Movies, iTunes TV Shows, the App Store, photos, music, search, computers and settings. Besides these stock apps, the fourth generation Apple TV unveils an App Store full of third party apps as well as games for the television.

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