Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Future iPhones could Contain Eye Tracking Software

Eye Tracking

Eye-Tracking Software – Future iPhone/Other Products

Software for eye tracking may now be a feature for the future iPhones and the other Apple products after the tech giant company has been granted a patent for the technology. According to latest patent it has been revealed that the next generation of iPhone could comprise of software which can track the path of one’s gaze and show notifications when the eyes tend to focus on certain section of display.

 The newly granted patent which was filed by Apple in September 2012, outlines how a gaze detection device can delay the automated auto correct of a misspelled word if it tends to know the user’s eye was not focused on the word, it asserts could be more instinctive. It recommends that this could be more applicable to notifications, delaying delivery of a message notification till the user tends to pay attention to the display, reducing the risk of missing the message completely.

The patent recommended that other instances could be for voice mail pop-up notifications, news alerts or app updates or software. Utilisation of biometric technology comprising of voice as well as facial recognition together with fingerprint and retina scanning has become a commonplace for payment and identification systems.

Eye-Tracking System for Unlocking

Biometric authentication utilising fingerprint recognition or retinal scan tends to offer an appropriate solution together with unique security as well as ease of use. Since products are available online, integrated with these features, multiple passwords are seen, as the industry standard tends to decline.

The iPhone 5s and 6s generations of Apple all seem to comprise of Touch ID fingerprint scanners inserted in their home buttons in order to unlock and make swift verified purchases.Google had patented the use of an eye-tracking system for unlocking devices by following the flight path of a bird or on reading a line of text, back in July 2013. The inbuilt iris-scanning smartphone authentication system had been unveiled by Fujitsu at this year’s Mobile World Congress – MWC, which was said to be applied to security systems.

The eye tracking system, a form of wearable technology enabled the user wearing the device to look at moving object on the projected screen of the glass in order to unlock the display. The picture of the product portrays how the moving object will be same to a screen saver with a bird flying back and forth used as an example. The user had to follow the movement of the bird with their eyes in order to unlock the display screen.

Panic Button – Fingerprint Sensor

However, in some of the cases, there seems to be no guarantees explored in patents ever making it into the future products. Several of the companies tend to run through patenting certain functions or materials to keenly refrain their rivals from utilising the technologies.

Apple had recently been granted a patent for the implementation of a `panic button’ functions in its fingerprint sensor that could be applied in different ways inclusive of disabling certain set of functions on the device, denying access to contact information, emails and photos or even activating the handset’s camera or microphone to documents with those making attempt to use it. The recordings could thereafter be forwarded to the law enforcement in case of certain situations.

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