Saturday, November 9, 2013

Apple pushes out iTunes 11.1.3 with bug fix

iTunes is a particularly important tool for users of iDevices . Apple has now released version 11.1.3, which fixes a few small problems. With iTunes 11.1.3 Apple's multimedia management program moves on to the next round.

The update is available for Windows and Mac OS X. It solves a problem with the equalizer and improved according to Apple, the software performance when switching between representations in large iTunes libraries. The update also fixes a few other minor errors. Because of some new features and the release of iOS 7, you should quickly change.

Without iTunes 11.1 you could not manage iDevices with iOS 7 if you have brought latest version of iPhone or iPad, the update is imperative and with the old version you cannot access to the data. The update also has podcast station on board that allow you to create your own stations with preferred podcasts - and thus make them available with new episodes at a central location. Your transmitter, subscriptions, and the positions where you stop playback, the app synchronizes “podcasts “via iCloud.

Who wants to leave it to chance, which iTunes song plays next, uses the new Shuffle. Select “Random Genius Play “to have iTunes start playback of tracks that go great together. Click again to hear something else. For users in the United States is iTunes radio on board.

In order to get accesses to 250 stations, each playing a specific musical genre. Subscribed to iTunes Match, the new service is ad-free. An international launch date is still pending.

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