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How To Transfer The Contact in iPhone

iPhone contacts
Most of the people suffer a lot after buying an iphone without any basic knowledge about an iphone which offer only a limited function to user likes to make a call, message and other multimedia purpose, but it limit the transfer of media files and contacts. Here we will discuss about how to transfer the contact in iphone.
Basically iphone use the phone memory to store the contact unlike the other mobiles phones. It is simple to transfer the contact from sim to phone by insert the SIM into the phone and go to settings, select the mail, contact, and calendar and choose the import the contact , then the contact are imported to phone memory.
To import contacts from a SIM card, follow these steps:

• Insert the SIM card
• In settings, choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
• Select “import SIM contacts”.

In other term of contact transfer from iphone to iphone or other phone via pc it involves following method:

• Import contact from pc to iphone(using an itunes)
• Import email(vcf) contact to iphone without iphone

Import contact from pc to iphone (without using an itunes) Follow the link to understand the complete transfer of contact to iphone

• Download the copytrans contacts
• Install the copytrans contact app and connect the iphone to pc
• Wait for hardware detection after driver installation you find an iphone name in the left side pane of a copytrans contact 
• Select the iphone as soon the all the contacts will apper on main panel of the software
• Select the contact which has to transfer
• Click an export option
• Save it as a single file as a single file name with extension as vcf
• Go to gmail
• Select contact in settings of an gmail
• Select import contact in gmail option
• You will find an dialog box with some option as to import contact from pc
• Choose the file with extension as vcf
• And click import button.
• Close the gmail.
• Disconnect old iphone from the computer.
• In your new iphone go to your settings
• Select the “mail, contacts and calenders”.
• In that select “Add Account”
• Select the Account type as “other”
• Next select “Add CardDAV Account”
• In cardDAV , select server as a gmail, enter your gmail id and password and click next.
• Click continue
• If it show that authentication as failed
• Click ok button • You will taken to account screen. Select “advances settings”
• Select “Use SSL” to OFF
• Set port is set to 80

Now your contacts are imported to your iPhone successfully without using iTunes.
Transfer the contact to iphone using an itunes:

• Connect a iphone to pc
• Select the iphone device in the left side pane an itune
• Select the synchronize a contact check box
• Select windows contacts
• Click sync button
• Then the all contact will be synchronized with itunes.

Click the below link •

if you jailbreak your iPhone mobile you can exploded a more option and facility, moreover we will install third-party application which added more spicy full features to iPhone you can import contact use any third-party application available in the market, once mobile has jailbreaked you will use iOS as a mini mac os and also jail breaking breaks the warranty of iphone.

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