Saturday, November 9, 2013

Top 10 Reasons To Buy An Iphone

1. Amazing video
The person whoever is not interested in video will also after synched with iTunes on MacBook Pro. Once you get used to seeing video on the iPhone’s gorgeous 3.5 inch screen, you won’t want to use an inferior phone ever again.

2. Email and Visual Voicemail
Another thing on iPhone is email. You can check your Google mail whenever and wherever you want. It’s so convenient and very well done on the iPhone. It’s comfortable to read and easy to type replies via the on-screen keyboard. It won’t take long to get to the point where I can type pretty fast on it .Visual voicemail is great! You will love being able to pick and choose visually which message you want to listen to.

3. Google Maps
For those people who gets lost very easily and whenever you’re driving around, you can just stop and pull directions up with Google Maps on your iPhone. It’s very useable and it gets the job done.

4. Music and Audiobooks
As with video, the iPhone makes a superb iPod. In fact, it’s the best iPod ever. You can even keep a few different playlists on your iPhone. It all works together, including your audio books.

5. Power
Just look out the power of iphone

• Talk time: Up to 8 hours
• Standby time: Up to 250 hours
• Internet use: Up to 6 hours
• Video playback: Up to 7 hours
• Audio playback: Up to 24 hours

You can find that your iPhone pretty much adheres to what Apple has said.

6. Safari
It is just amazing to use Safari and get the real web on your iPhone. It’s so different from the “mobile web” .Before I used Safari on my iPhone, I thought the web on a phone was just stupid. There’s no flash support yet but there will be and since you can zoom in and out, it works really well and comfortably for your eyes. Safari a big reason at this point.

7. Multi-Touch
Here’s another thing that is sceptical about. The touch screen on the iPhone works great for typing email as well as browsing web pages, zooming in and out of photos, and so on. It only takes a few minutes to get used to the basics of using the touch screen and not much longer to get used to the keyboard.

8. Pictures and iPhoto
The iPhone/iPhoto combination really does add value to the iPhone though people don’t talk about it too much. Pictures create real time fun and brings us old memories back.

9. Navigation
The iPhone is very different. You can easily get to the functions you need and whenever you want to get back to the main screen, you just push the button at the bottom. The iPhone is supremely comfortable to use when it comes to moving around within its software. Don’t underestimate that until you’ve had a chance to really use it.

10. Fingerprint scanner
Apple has introduced a new fingerprint reader on the home button of the iPhone 5S, thus it provides an extra security to the device. The stainless steel detection ring scans skin layers, at 500ppi and its thickness is 170 microns. By the ring around the home button, it knows that your finger is there and you don't have to tell it to scan.

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