Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mactracker updated to OS X and iOS

Mactracker, this database of Apple hardware and software has been updated to OS X and iOS . The software is free for both. The change in shape is more visible side iOS, but Mactracker is primarily a database interface which is fairly common.

The mobile version is now reserved for iOS 7. The content is rich. The number of utility compiles technical data and details on all hardware configurations and accessories Apple. In addition to some elements of order anecdotal as code names and startup sounds different Mac.

Can indeed listen (special mention for the first Power Mac 6100/7100/8100 more crystalline than today). Go down the specifications, the Play Startup Chime button. Apart from this little refreshment , content has expanded with the addition of references to the latest mobile Retina , the late 2013 iMac, the new iPad and iPhone and iOS and OS X newly released, the maximum number of cycles of batteries Mobile is now available , etc.

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