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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Apple iOS 11 Update Ends Support for iPhone 5 and 5C

 iOS 11
When Apple's iOS 11 mobile operating system will be launched later this year, it will not be made available for the iPhone 5 and 5C or the iPad 4. This just means that older devices will stop receiving software and security updates. Newer devices such as the iPhone 5S will receive the upgrade; however, apps that are older will stop working later.

This is the result of Apple’s verdict to terminate devices and apps that use 32-bit processors. iOS 11 will only work on a new iPhone and not on an old one as older phones use 34-bit processor whereas newer phones will have a 64-bit processor which permits the system to use a larger amount of memory. Since 2013, Apple’s devices have had 64-bit processors instead of 32-bit processors, when it was introduced with the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air.

This change will be challenging for app developers too. In the new version of the App store, apps that run only in 32-pit processors will fail to show up in the search results or be available from the tab under Purchase if they were previously downloaded. If the apps are updated to be 64-bit compatible, they will stop working on older phones which have 32-bit processors.

Warning Was Given Years Before

A 64-bit processor is faster in use as it can handle a large amount of data all at once, that is four billion times as much as compared to a 32-bit processor. This is why iOS 11 will work better with 64-bit processor. Ernest Doku, a telecoms expert at, said that Apple gave warning for years about this migration to the 64-bit processor hardware but still many customers will be left blindsided with this news.

Most of the apps belonging to the last four years’ time period or so maybe compatible, provided they have not been updated since the year 2015. Way before iOS 11, when iOS 10.1 was released by Apple in October 2016, users functioning with an updated device would be warned through a message that it may slow down their phone.

 The upgrade to iOS 10.3 also includes a tool that detects apps that are not compatible with a 64-bit processor. The apps which are affected will be found under Settings > General > About > Applications > App Compatibility. Last year, it was revealed on a trading website that the iPhone 5 was one of the most popular handsets from the number of listings that were created. This new change in its functioning is likely to further disappoint owners.

Phasing out the 32-bit

All the updates to the current apps and new apps have had to ability to support 64-bit since June 2015, so any app that has been updated in the span of these last two years will remain unaffected. However, a few popular games and educational apps have not been upgraded from the time the 64-bit requirement was introduced.

These include apps from Fisher Price and WeeWorld. The 32-bit support for Mac is also likely to be phased out by Apple. The company informed developers at WWDC that Mac OS High Sierra would be the last device to have 32-bit capability without any adjustments.

All the new apps given to the Mac app store and all the updates to existing apps will need to be 64-bit compatible from June 2018. This new iOS 11 update will be available in about September as a free update for any iPhone and iPad that is supported.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Best and the Worst of the iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c, marketed as the cheery little sibling of the more serious, secure, and stuffy 5s, is advertised for those who want a little colour in their lives. Two new changes will strike you right out of the 5c’s box - first, this is no longer the sleek grey or stark white instrument of Apple’s past, but a smarties-toned jelly bean of a phone available in grass green, sky blue, bubblegum pink, butter yellow, and white. Unfortunately for those whose colours of choice run more on the darker side of things, there is no option for a palette darker than pastel green. And second, the 5c is one of the first that runs the crisp new iOS 7, a toned, flattened, and ultra-powerful new interface for the iPhone operating system. Here’s a look at some of the essential pros and cons of the new device.
We’re very glad to see that the 5c cleverly hangs onto the best aspects of the retired iPhone 5 - its A6 processing chip, 326 ppi retina display, and iSight camera with 8 megapixels. But the 5c gains two whole hours of talk time on battery life, more LTE bands on the global network, and a little weight in its polycarbonate exterior. Those upgrading from the iPhone 4 will find themselves with a beautiful new phone, and those upgrading from the iPhone 5 will find themselves with very nearly the same phone, with better battery life and a new paint job. If you find yourself debating between the 5c and the 5s, remember that the 5s is heaped with extra features that the 5c isn’t…but will you actually use them?
In releasing the iPhone 5c and iOS 7, it seems like Apple was targeting those who dearly wanted to join the basic Apple family, but somehow hadn’t had the opportunity to yet. It’s an extremely user-friendly phone, but lacks the Touch ID fingerprint sensor of the 5s, as well as the larger 64GB storage option. The 5c was Apple’s nod to those who wanted to jump on board with this year’s generation of phones, without getting too deep into a more complex, expensive, and powerful phone like the 5s. But unfortunately the outer shell of the 5c doesn’t feel as quality as that of the 5s aluminum casing, and the color and size options are fairly limited. 
iOS 7 is not a complete overhaul from the previous version of the operating system, but with added features like a Control Center, even smoother transitions and transparent colors to match the 5c tones, and a more beautiful home screen layout with some new one-swipe commands, it is different enough. 
At £470 to £550 on its own from the Apple store, the iPhone is predictably not cheap - though some have joked that because of the different body materials, the S version of the phone is for Sophisticated while the C is for cheap. While the expense is not quite a con, because the phone is reasonably priced considering the level of advanced technology, it’s certainly something to consider. According to presale hype, the 16GB iPhone 5c can be had at Three for £37 a month on a two year contract with a £49 up-front handset fee
And to bring it all back to reality, we end with neither the best nor the worst, but simply the most absurd of the iPhone 5c. Thank goodness for the Huffington Post UK, who have done tests of the 5c on concrete, various other materials, and finally up against a .50 caliber rifle. Yes, that’s right.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apple introduces the iPhone 5S and 5C iPhone!

The iPhone 5C is designed with all the technologies that the iPhone 5 have," says Phil Schiller. In other words, it is a repackaged version of iPhone 5. "Some of you must have seen pictures on the web," laughs the marketing vice president of Apple, “and that's good, because everyone will be interested in this model.” The iPhone5C is available in white and in other four bright colors; that is green, blue, red and yellow watermelon. The default wallpaper is coordinated with colors chosen, which recalls the grand old memories owners’ iMac G3. Back gloss polycarbonate is manufactured in one piece, internally reinforced by a metal frame acting as an antenna. Apple offers strange matte silicone covers with holes to see the original color below. One can thus associate a yellow cover with a pink iPhone 5C. These covers are worth € 29 unit. The main components of this iPhone 5C are the 4-inch Retina display, Apple's A6 processor or its 8MP sensor placed behind a five optical elements - all are borrowed from the iPhone 5. The capacity of the battery has been nominally increased, the sensor the front HD webcam is a little bigger that is pixels 1.9 microns, and 4G LTE chip supports more. The iPhone 5C will be available for $ 99 in 16 GB version and $ 199 for 32GB version, in contract package. Euro prices are known for basic models: € 599 for the 16GB version, € 699 for the 32GB version - it's expensive, much more expensive than expected.