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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Talk With Your Chrome 27 Browser!

The new version of Google's browser is here. Yes the Google Chrome; Chrome 27 shines with faster load times and a full screen mode for Android Smartphones. On Android Smartphones Chrome displays 27 sites in full-screen mode. Adding up the loading time of websites is very fast, save all Chrome users together 510 years of their weekly life time, as in Google announcement. Chrome 27 is of fast browser, the manufacturer promises to be an average of five percent faster load times. For this, the developers have optimized the processes. However, the daily surfing these improvements are comparably small. The advantages of faster loading times should be noticed only when accessing complex pages with a variety of different elements. Google's surprise announcement that set instead of the proven WebKit technology in future on its own "browser engine" to come in the current version but not yet to be in force and only going to utilize with Google's new Chrome 28 browser-base indicator in appearance.

As usual, Google has in the new Chrome version again closed some security holes. For the discovery of the vulnerabilities of the Internet giant let go this time almost 15,000 U.S. dollars. With over $ 3,000 received from the Finnish University of Oulu, the highest premium for the detection of memory errors in the audio playback. Security researchers found a total of 14 classified as risky vulnerabilities from Chrome and those have been removed from Chrome 27. In addition, the new browser receives an improved version of the Flash Player. With Chrome 27 Chrome users get the opportunity to use the framework presented in the developer conference intelligent voice search from Google. Interestingly, Google Voice Search understands but not as an exclusive new feature of Chrome 27: In the announcement, the function appeared not once on. Go to the Google search with the latest browser version, a microphone icon appears in the input line. Have appropriate audio hardware installed or connected to your PC, ask and you dictate from then blithely go.

The version for Android devices has received an update. On Smartphones you can now surf with Chrome 27 in full-screen mode. To do this, simply scroll down to leave the address bar disappear. But on tablets that function is not yet available. Use the Omnibox to the web search, this keeps your searches from Chrome 27, instead of the current display the Google address. At the same time there is more space for your search results. For website developers; Chrome offers 27 thanks to support new HTML5 features, the easy way to integrate form elements. How to do this demonstrates in the demo page. Furthermore, the Chrome team has the developer tools optimized in some places, to facilitate the work of the web developer. Also on board is a new audio interface. Which allows feed the browser with a live stream. These benefits include the new standard for real-time communication, which Google introduced Chrome 21. In addition, the makers of Chrome have built a sync file system interface to access data from Google Drive on the Chrome apps. In addition to these changes, the new Google browser comes with a number of other minor improvements.

In Chrome 27, Google continues the trend of its predecessor. The most interesting changes for end users can be found in the Android version. While also gets the big brother profound innovations donated, but play mainly under the hood. With intelligent Voice Search you have the communication with the PC hands free for other things. In terms of speed, Google's browser leaves the competition far behind as usual.