Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Google Maps with many extra features!

Google Maps is more than a road map. It provides storage information, photos, attractions, driving directions, weather details and much more. Google Maps is one of the most popular services of the search engine provider. You can reach the Maps service both via your browser, as well as app for Android and iOS. Since 2005, Google helps with it to the Internet users to find the right way very easily. While Google initially had only large roads in major cities on offer, it mapped now even the smallest streets, walking trails, the interior of museums, shopping malls and airports, and offers a lot of information about traffic and landscapes. Google Maps provides a free route planner navigates from point A to point B - and on request also includes the current traffic situation. The service provides not only driving instructions for cars, pedestrians and cyclists are taken into account. It also offers more details about the schedules of public transport along the route. Do you want to avoid certain roads; you can also easily change the route by clicking on any point on the route and change it by dragging with the mouse.

Along with groundbreaking maps Google also offers satellite images to help users going to get an impression of the area. To select this view, click "Satellite" at the top right corner of the browser. Recently this feature attracted attention, as a horde of amateur detectives are made on the internet in search of a murderer whose alleged fact, Google had taken from a bird's perspective. Another function, without which many users Google Maps no longer could imagine, is Street View ("Street View"): Pull in browser mode, the orange males from the left edge of the card on the blue-marked roads; you can see the area on eye level. That's handy to know how a particular street or neighborhood or looks around, advance impress a way that you have to go to the first time. Thus, with Street View also quickly check whether the holiday cottage really as stated in the prospectus, only 150 meters from the beach away.

Use Google Maps on your Smartphone, you must have some special features, but also have useful functions to choose from. The first step is to install the maps app on your phone or tablet. Do not have a data plan that allows you to surf the Internet on the go, the offline mode of Google Maps app is practical: With it, you save yourself selected map sections on your mobile device to help you to look at the road. Do you want to use the Street View feature, you must however a small detour to make (only connect to the Internet): Only call the info box to a local place - for example a café or restaurant - and see this window a button that takes you to the street view. Google leaves no opportunity unused to enrich his cards with information and data: How Google Maps shows users also plenty of current information such as weather and traffic conditions. Click above right on the "Traffic" button and put a check mark in front of the desired information. Because the data collected are Google even jam forecasts. Just click on the right menu to "traffic" and then left on "Change". Now select the desired time for prediction.

Not only in the streets of foreign cities of the journey is sometimes difficult - even in major shopping malls, exhibition halls, airports often lack clear direction. The remedy the indoor maps function: it should show the way even in buildings by Android Smartphone. Google Maps also allows you to be creative: It is easy to provide the Internet cards with their own comments and symbols - just click on "My Places" (left menu) and then "Create Map". Only after Google mapped roads and were then photographed and eventually made accessible, Google digitized now unceremoniously nor the rest of the world - or at least all the places worth visiting. With the "World Wonders Project" you will discover on the PC historical places and special landscapes, located throughout the world. With camera-equipped car, bike or on foot Google employees have photographed special places so that they can be admired in a panoramic view on the computer - some even in 3D.

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