Saturday, October 17, 2015

YouTube Gives its iOS App a New look and in-App Editing Tools

YouTube has brought in an extensive update for its iOS app, which makes it much more similar to the Android version. This update has been introduced in the Material design style of the app, which is very much noticeable and quite divisive in nature. Google is simply trying to provide a consistent look for its products across the platform and devices by using the Android friendly material design. YouTube also gets in-app editing tools, which allow users to edit videos as per their choice before uploading it.

Changes brought about by this update

YouTube now has three tabs on the top of the main page, which includes Home, Subscription and Account. Home is usually filled with number of videos and channels available on the YouTube, Subscriptions showcases all the recent updates from the subscribed accounts and Account gives a summary of user’s account. YouTube app happens to be more vibrant in color, offers enlarged space and requires a lot of navigation for moving around the app, which might not be liked by some users.

A new in-app editing tool has been integrated in the app, which allows users to polish the videos before uploading on the network. A refreshed version of the Creator Studio App is also given to the users which offer enhanced Analytics section.

YouTube iOS update gets one star reviews

Google had introduced these dramatic and wholesome changes in the YouTube iOS app with the aim of making it more interactive than before. However, the early adopters of this app with its comprehensive redesign have stated that this new layout is simply garnish and happens to wastes space. The navigational changes brought about by this update require users to perform more swiping and tapping to get content. In simple words, this redesign of layout is not at user friendly and makes it difficult to move across the app.

A large number of reviewers of this update have complained of removing the left sidebar for better. The left sidebar has made it difficult for the users to access simple but essential things like history, subscriptions and playlists. One of the iTunes reviewers was quite upset with the need of pressing back button each time one has to move to different channel. To be true the iOS users feels that latest update has simply done away with the easier functionality and navigation support with YouTube app had earlier and it has been replaced with bigger pictures and vibrant pictures.

YouTube misses on bringing integration with iOS 9 features

Users with iOS 9 were quite let down by this new update, as it didn’t provide any support for the new iOS features. YouTube has missed on the great opportunity to integrate the support some new rich features of iOS 9 like plus SlideOver, Picture-in-Picture and Split View. Video editing tools and features included in the app are fairly basic at this point of time. But it still offers a way to perform few of the essential video editing tasks within a quick time directly from the app.

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