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How to Keep Using Google Maps Even When Your Phone is Offline

Sometimes, we don't have a strong internet connection when we need to use Google Maps. Fortunately, Google maps comes with an offline feature that allows you to go anywhere safely even when the mobile is displaying no bars. Remember that offline maps are a beneficial tool for those who often go abroad. In addition, it is ideal for those people who go to remote areas with spotty cell service. You only need some planning in this case. If you experience the potential of poor signal, you should try to download a map in advance. It is a very easy method that works on iOS and Android. 

 How to Keep Using Google Maps Even When Your Phone is Offline

For Android:-

Step 1) Download a map to use offline:

Saving maps is possible on your device or an SD card. Do you want to change the way of saving maps? If yes, then you need to download the map again.

  • You need to open the Google Maps app when you use your Android device or tablet. 
  • Ensure that your device has a proper internet connection and you have signed in to Google Maps. 
  • Now, you should find a place, for instance, San Francisco. 
  • Finally, your job is to click the name of the place or its address at the bottom. After that, you should click on More and Download the offline map. Suppose you are looking for a place such as a restaurant. In that case, click More, Download offline map, and then Download, respectively.

Save offline maps on an SD card:

You can download offline maps on your SD card though these are downloaded by default on the device's internal storage.

Whether you use an Android 6.0 or higher device, saving an area is possible with an SD card, set up for portable storage. If you are willing to learn how you can set up your SD card, you can take assistance from the manufacturers of your mobile.

  • Hence, you should first insert your SD card on an Android mobile or tablet. 
  • Then, you should open your Google Maps app. 
  • Now, you must click on the profile picture or initial Account Circle. Next, tap on the option Offline maps. 
  • You can see Settings in the top right. 
  • Click on Device below the "Storage preferences" option and SD card.

Step 2 (optional)) Save battery & mobile data:

Setting up offline maps is possible, and therefore, you can use other apps with phone data.

  • First, your task is to open the Google Maps app on your tablet or Android mobile. 
  • Now your job is to click on the profile picture or initial Account Circle. After that, you should tap on Settings and turn on Wi-Fi only.

Use Google Maps offline:

  • Your first job is to open this application on your mobile. 
  • Next, click on the profile picture in the top right corner. 
  • After that, you should click on the "Offline Maps" option. 
  • Then, you need to click on the option "Select Your Own Map." 
  • Now, you should move the rectangle over the place where you want to visit. 
  • Then, you should tap on the option "Download."

If you live in any particular place, like any city or town, you can follow this method:

  •  You should look for the destination in the application. 
  • After that, you need to click on the three available dots in the information panel's top right corner. Now you have to click on the option "Download offline map."
  • You can see an option in this app allowing you to make adjustments to the range of the area.

If you are offline, remember that you will not be able to get real-time traffic data until you have connectivity again. You need to estimate the travel time between destinations as if no traffic congestion is there.

Manage your offline maps:

This app offers data through Vehicle Map Service (VMS) supporting the safety driver features like road sign integration and adaptive cruise control in cars. You should remember that the safety features depend on offline map data. If you are willing to ensure the availability of map data, you must enable "auto-download" in the Privacy Center.

Turn on auto-download in the Privacy Center:

You should follow these steps to enable auto-download.

  • Open this application first. 
  • Then, click on Settings at the bottom. 
  • After that, you need to click on Privacy Center and Offline maps. 
  • Now, your task is to choose Auto-download offline maps. 
  • Ensure that an internet connection is available. Then, you must wait for the completion of the offline map download process.

If you turn off auto-download, it will save the already downloaded maps. But in this case you need to know that new maps will not be downloaded automatically.

These apps show the following under "Offline maps" on the car:

Optional: Home and Work maps when you are signed in.

Optional: Maps that you have manually downloaded.

Home and Work maps depend on your home and work address or the Google Account's location history.


We can say that Google Maps app has become a saviour for us. We use it for finding new cities or finding our way through the roads in our town. This app is always ready to help users in any kind of situation. An unstable network may sometimes trouble you in the middle of the road. But in this article, we have covered all the necessary steps that will help you in this case.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Why does Google Maps keep stopping?

Cache and system files are some reasons due to which the app may not function properly. This application can store specific temporary data on the Android device.

Q. How do you keep Google Maps on your Android while driving?

  • Google Assistant can greatly help you in this case by providing information when you drive. You should enable or disable the Driving mode in this application. 
  • Open the app on Android mobile. 
  • Next, your job is to click on the profile picture or initial Settings Navigation settings. 
  • Finally, you need to enable the mode or disable the driving mode.

Q. Can you use Google Maps while offline?

Yes, you can use the app after downloading an area like usual. If you are experiencing a slow internet connection, the app might guide you to your destination as the whole route is within the offline map.

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