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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Google Just Launched Grasshopper, a Smartphone Game to Teach Adults How to Code


Grasshopper: Google’s effort to teach adults coding

It’s no doubt that with computers being used everywhere in today’s world that computer programming is the highest paid job that is out there today. While many learn computer programming as a way to further their careers others are less inclined to do so and one of the reasons could be, is that it is too complicated. Well, Google wants to change all that with Grasshopper.

For those who want to learn coding and do not know where to start, Google’s Grasshopper seems to be the Launchpad. Moving from one level to the other through programming, Grasshopper tries to build interest in coding through a simple- enough- to- understand- game. There are already a number of games out there for children to encourage them to learn coding but hardly anything for adults. The gaming world, when it comes to coding, seems to be more centered- around children as the target audience rather than adults.

How Grasshopper wants to increase interest in adults to coding?

Product developer for Grasshopper stated time, money and access as some of the main reasons why adults don’t want to learn coding. When you are a child coding may seem a fun activity but as you grow older it just becomes something that you have to study and then you become less inclined to do so.

Time becomes the main barrier to learn coding. With many people having hectic lifestyles, coding becomes a little difficult to fit into the picture. But Google hopes to change all that with Grasshopper. Being in the form of a game, Google hope that adults would be able to fit in learning coding in their breaks or when they come back home and just want to unwind.

What does Grasshopper involve?

Grasshopper does not make you a programming genius overnight but in the hopes of introducing you to the basics of programming, Grasshopper aims to help individuals find out if programming is for them or not.

The game includes learning the fundamentals of JavaScript and also a schedule for very time you wish to play Grasshopper, you can set up a schedule of reminders for everyday or every other day or even none at all.

To complete each puzzle all you have to do is enter code, for every line of code one part of the puzzle is solved. It is as simple as that. Besides this, Grasshopper also includes quizzes that help people in understanding the basic principles of the coding their following.

Grace who is a Grasshopper that helps users along the way, is named after Grace Hopper a computer industry pioneer.

Google is also partnering with Coursera and LaunchCode to help users who feel like coding is for them. Grasshopper, which teaches individuals the basics of JavaScript, would be the first step and then if people like what they are doing and want to learn more, they could sign up with LaunchCode or Coursera as the next option available to them.

Grasshopper will be available on both iOS and Android operating systems.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Best 5 Superhero Games for iPhone

Superhero are the favorite character for all aged persons; they are blockbusters all the time. Superhero characters are very popular in comics, television show and in video games too. Innovative ideas and creativity of the developer helps them to create several games that exactly point out the characters of the roles of the super hero. They also provide you various information about the characters, their strength, sense of justices, bravery and their honor. These games bring you in to actions and put in the various roles of these various Superhero Characters. The various Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone are as follows:


Gods among Us Injustice: Gods among Us is one of the Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone and it is a leading unique game that mixes several types of playing styles. It is a highly enjoyable game in which you can create a gang / cluster of superhero and super villains for your game. This improves various level of playing strategies for the mobile users. The developer of the game has developed in such a way so that the user can get a real experience while playing the game.

X- Men 

X-Men is a classic arcade game which is based upon the X-Men Movie. In this game, you can play various roles of the superhero in the X-men Movie. X-Men allow you to play as Strom, Wolverine, Cyclops and other three characters. You can simply download the game from the store and you can use your mutant power to blast off the various enemies of the sentinel’s army. This game allows let you to join via Bluetooth and you can set your own team to rescues the Professor Xavier as a team.

Batman Arkham City Lockdown 

Batman Arkham City Lockdown is a best game which comes under Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone. This game allows the users to play various levels by entering into the batman costume and it supports various costumes and power ups for the Batman Character. This game was developed before few years back, even though various updates has been released which bought various characters and costumes to the Batman Character in the Game.

The Amazing Spider Man 

The Amazing Spider Man is one of Top 5 Superhero Games for iPhone which brought you into the character of Spider Man. By installing this game in your iPhone, you can crawl and swing through the different streets of New York. This game was developed in order to virtualise the role of Spider Man and users can easily understand the objective of the game within few minutes of game play. There are more than 25 missions had to be completed by the users and you can play with different power ups in order to defeat the Lizard and his minions.

Iron Man 3- The official Game 

Iron Man 3 is the official game version of the Iron man 3 Movie; you have to put the Iron man Suit in order to defeat the Enemies before they take over the world. Fly around various places and discover the new levels for your game play.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

iPod Touch games

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