Saturday, December 24, 2016

App Santa' Offers Discounts of Up to 80% Off Popular iOS and Mac Apps

Huge discounts upto 80% is being offered by ‘App Santa’ for Christmas. A team of developers belonging to some of the renowned iOs and Mac apps got brain stormed and has brought shocking discounts on their genre as a significant part for the promotion of App Santa.

App Santa has brought in apps like Tweetbot, Screens, Launch Center Pro, Star Walk, and several others in huge discounts. You can now buy these apps on a sale of upto 50% to 80%. This Christmas will be a new era for the great mass of buyers to buy apps instead of other stuffs. Here, are some of the apps that are available for sale.

  1.  Tweetbot – It is one of the best twitter app that one can avail. The update that this app provide will never let you down. It is capable of 3D touch. The filters available are very catchy and this is not very complicated to use. You won’t be at loss after buying it. The price has been cut down to $4.99 from $9.99. 
  2.  Rando Emoji – It is very interesting and adds life to iMessages. It delivers the write kind of emotions that you want to convey. A new way of emojis. You can now buy this interesting app at $0.99 from $1.99. 
  3.  Drafts 4 – It is one of the useful apps included in the sale which you should definitely add in your wishlist. It makes your work much easier. It is now available at $2.99 from $4.99. You can now note down anything that comes in your mind and look after it later. It is a system that quickly intakes all the texts and messages. The most feasible way to capture your ideas in a go. 
  4.  Deliveries – This app takes care of all the deliveries that you are longing for. With the help of this you can track all the proceedings of your deliveries. It will keep you updated in terms of your packages and will give a reminder when the item is actually to reach your door. It is a very useful app which can be brought in at a very cheap rate. The price has been cut down $3.99 from $4.99,it also reduces your anxiety in terms of your deliveries that are yet to be made. 
  5.  Screens – It is the simplest but a notified VNC app. It offers trendy designs, powerpact and dependable performance. It is the best for those who works with iOS devices and are frequent in using several other computers. The catchiest point is its price, since it is available at $9.99 from $19.99. 6. Star Walk – It is one of the trendiest app that can be made available on your mobile phones at $0.99 instead of $4.99. It is an app that keeps you updated about your sun signs, relating to your astro world. You can now explore your dimensions up till the celestial bodies by being updated regarding your stars that might influence your overall being

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