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Monday, February 15, 2016

Best iOS Apps: Apps You Should Download

There are thousands of apps made available to the user most of which are provided free of cost. Some of the following apps mentioned could be beneficial to the user.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app is now free for download on iOS. It utilises the internet connection of the phone of 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE or Wi-Fi, to call and send message to family and friends without any cost. Users can send and receive images, videos, messages as well as voice messages through WhatsApp

Uber, the taxi app makes moving around easier and instead of calling the cab and have cash in your pocket; users could request it and pay for it through the app. Uber is presently operative in London, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, Bristol, Birmingham and Newcastle, in UK.

Citymapper could be helpful if one needs to navigate through a city. This urban transport app comprises of an A to B journey planner, public transport delays, real-time traffic data, and maps and is presently available in Birmingham, London and Manchester in the UK.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network offers a strongly refined experience to iPhone and iPod touch though still enable access to contacts, feeds together with other important information which makes it in several ways greater in using Facebook in desktop browser.

PhotoSynth is a great outlook app, is user-friendly and amusing to use particularly while watching a panoramas taking shape when one tends to capture it. iOS Camera app has a panorama mode though PhotoSynth is more flexible and functions with older devices.

Dropbox – There are several app existing for the transfer of content between the computer and the device though Dropbox is free and easy to use than the others. Users can store files in a folder on your computer and Dropbox for you’re the device will allow you to access them, download them to be viewed offline.

Skype – Though FaceTime seems a great substitute to standard voice calls, it is not good if one has been attempting to contact someone without a compatible iOS or a Mac device. Skype seems to be an essential download wherein the interface tends to be simple and usable permitting the user with a Skype account in making free calls to another Skype user which are economical to any part of the world. It is useful if one is on Pay and Go, though the app also enables iPod touch users to use their devices for calls.

Adobe Photoshop Express –For quick, free and a usable tool in making edits to your iPhone photos, Adobe’s app is an appropriate choice. It can be used for cropping, straightening, exposure adjustments, colour effects, sharpening and much more.

Shazam, since 2008, is an iOS main, which will provide the name and artist of any songs with a matter of seconds. Moreover it will also pull up YouTube video with the lyrics enabling the user to add the song to your Rdio or Spotify playlists. It can be used to learn new music with its optional track.

CandyCrush Saga an immensely addictive game of puzzle enables the user to move through the levels on matching combinations of coloured sweets. This game is free and was one of the top 10 iOS download last year inspite of being launched in November 2012.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marbel Electric Skateboard – Operated with iOS Device

Marbel Electric Skateboard
Commuters living in the city who would prefer to get from their home to their office by longboards will soon be given an option that can be operated with their iOS device in the form of Marbel electric skateboard. The Marbel Board is a Kickstarter project which has already blown past its $90,000 funding goal having another 23 days still remaining.

As per its description, the Marbel electric skateboard is 30 mm thick, weighing around 9.9 pounds, is made up of custom moulded deck of carbon fibre and kevlar to enable it to last long and needs around ninety minutes of charging for every ten miles. Its batteries are placed in a compartment inside the deck while the motors are mounted on the rear axle which can scurry across the pavement and uphill, up to 20 miles per hour having a 10 mile range before the battery finally runs out.

It is also the world’s lightest electric skateboard costing around $1,200 to $2000.The purpose of the Marbel skateboard was to create the lightest electric vehicle in the world with amazing user experience.

Simple to Use, Efficient and Exhilarating to Ride

The description on Kickstarter reveals that they hadspent two years of dedication in engineering and designing the Marbel Electric skateboard, which is the lightest electric skateboard ever created with the help of modern technologies, amazing team as well as the support from community and managed to build the Marbel Board which is simple to use, besides being efficient and exhilarating to ride.

Another amazing feature of the Marbel Skateboard is that it gets connected to the iOS or Android device through an app in order to get customized in your riding style and also control the throttle. Users also have the option in selecting from the three pre-defined ride modes, tweak the acceleration, and adjust the top speed, map out the rides and much more.

Handheld remote Throttle/Touch Controls

Riders can now control the skateboard by using a handheld remote throttle or through touch controls in a companion iPhone app while enabling users to choose the different modes for Marbel’s power circuitry, like the starter mode which limits the top speed to six miles per hour or an `eco’, mode which dynamically adjusts power output to the maximize range.

 In addition to this, the app also provides various other convenient features like an anti-theft mode that prevents the board from being used when locked with the app and a map showing the riders exactly how far they can go before the Marbel battery dies out. Marbel has also chosen to build a Wi-Fi hotspot in the board instead of connecting through the Bluetooth and this decision could prove to be a problem for riders who prefer to stream music or other media over a mobile data connection at the time of riding.

The design team had envisioned the Marbel Board replacing bikes and cars for short commutes as well as urban travel thus eliminating the worry over fuel cost together with parking issues which is the most prevailing issue at the moment.