Saturday, March 5, 2016

Neato adds Apple Watch control to robotic vacuum in new app update


Neato’s Latest App Release – Botvac Connect

According to Neato’s latest app release, the $699 Botvac Connect is the first robot vacuum which has the capabilities of being remotely controlled by an Apple Watch or Android Wear device. The app that runs on Apple Watch enables users to issue start and stop commands to the vacuum and monitor clean-up progress straight on their wrist. Different from the full-fledged iOS app, the small screen Watch version does not permit users to take full manual control on the movement of the robot.

Last year Botvac Connect as Neato’s first vacuum to sport anon-board Wi-Fi for communication with iOS as well as Android smartphones, providing owners remote setup together with one-touch control directly from a committed app.On-board Wi-Fi support means that Botvac Connect has the capability of receiving commands as long as it tends to be connected to a known network. Moreover the devices also has laser navigation, two cleaning modes as well as LCD screen with associated capacitive buttons intended to select various user settings. From the iOS App Store, the new Neato app version is made available at no cost.

Can be controlled with Smartwatch

Neato’s robotic vacuum now can be controlled with a smartwatch due to an app update announced recently. The update which is automatic enables smartwatch users to receive notifications from Neato’s Botvac Connected vacuum, a Wi-Fi connected Roomba competitors which tend to use laser scanning to map and clean spaces, besides the start and stop commands.

As per Neato, the latest update makes the Botvac Connected, the first robot vacuum to provide smartwatch functionality. The Botvac Connected owners can also monitor the progress of its cleaning on their smartwatches and receive a notification when it is finished. For added analysis of the Botvac Connected and how it tends to stack up against the competition, one could check on the last year’s review. With each passing generation, robot vacuums are getting smarter as well as easier and some of the new models tend to join the Wi-Fi network. Neato has been influencing that feature of its Botvac Connected vacuum in order that one can control and monitor the device with the Android Wear smart watch or Apple Watch.

New Feature Delivered Through Automatic Update

The new feature is said to be delivered through automatic update and would enable Botvac Connected owners to control the various process. While Roomba manufacturer iRobot tends to also offer an app, it does not support smartwatches while other competitors such as Samsung, bObsweep, PowerBot and the Miele Scout do not seem to have apps at all.

Nancy Nunziati, Neato marketing chief had commented in a press release that with the smartwatches, individuals tend to do several things from their wrist like checking for a flight, obtain directions, play music, and answer the phone and added that they are happy to be the first to add this new task of cleaning to the list. Botvac Connected is not an inexpensive way of getting into robotic vacuums, priced at $700. Neato expects that the features like the laser floor plan mapping, a larger brush together with higher capacity dirt storage would win over the customers.

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