Monday, March 21, 2016

Free Android Apps Everyone Should Have

The first thing that you use during the day and the last thing you use before you go to sleep is your smartphone. To make your life easier, productive and organized, we use certain apps. These services are a great way to manage your daily schedule. If you are an android phone user, you can get these apps without paying a cent. Here are the must have apps for this year.

1.Google Translate-

Speak, scan, type or draw to translate in 90 languages using this app. It instantly translates text and web pages. You can even use your camera to translate it in 26 different languages without taking a picture. It can be used to translate anything ranging from a street sign to an ingredient list. It has made real -time voice translations a lot faster and easier. People can now experience the world in their own language. You can translate from English to Hindi or French using this app. You can download a small language pack for the languages you want to learn. Also, you can run this app on even a slower mobile network. Translate community will also get you better each day.


Google hangouts app is a communication platform that can be used to text, call and video chat.It allows you to text two or more users at the same time. Chat histories can be easily saved online and are allowed to sync between devices. You can perform a group chat for up to ten users at a time. Not just this, users can send their GPS location to other contacts. You can even make free hangouts calls to other users whether the other person is in India or UK. Photos can be shared using this app and they are automatically uploaded on private Google+ album.


Access your mails with simplicity whether you are using a laptop or a phone. Gmail app has made our life much easier. You get an organised inbox. You have social and promotional messages sorted into categories so that you can read your family and friend’s messages first. It has 15 GB of free storage so that you need not delete your messages to save some space. Your inbox remains space and clutter-free as the spam message that hits your inbox is blocked. Have access to multiple accounts at the same time using this amazing application on your android device. Also, you can access both your Gmail and non-Gmail accounts like Hotmail, Outlook, etc. using this app. Because you require internet for this app, you can always get internet packs on your phone. Use freecharge coupons to avail discounts on your internet pack.


This is a kind of popular messaging application, now acquired by Facebook. You can send text messages, images, videos, audio messages or even to place a call to a friend. It has approximately one billion users and is the crown of apps. People share up to 42 billion messages and for about 250 million videos. It routes all your messages like a normal text system via your mobile number. You can even use Whatsapp on web. And you can make free Wi-Fi calls but charges may apply if the calls are made in absence of Wi-Fi. So, you can always use mobikwik coupons to avail discounts on your internet plans.

Reinvent yourself with these applications on your android phones. Tackle this year with a sound mind and body. Be smarter and get your work done in a much organised manner.

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