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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Top iPhone Restaurant Guide Apps

Open Table
Finding restaurant which serves good rating of food content with affordable prices is very hard. And finding the best restaurant with your favorite food and its ratings are tougher to find out in today’s life. There is much excellent application available in App store which are especially made for food lover who always wants to check out various dishes in their life. In this article, you can get information about various applications which gives you the better listing of restaurants around you. Now we check restaurant apps which provide good service and best user ratings of various restaurants. Here they are:

Open Table

OpenTable apps provide service to access the more than 1500 restaurant is support. These apps have more features like menu, use ratings, and also include real-time table availability and also reservation functionality through this app. And also OpenTable has a host of other features, including email integration, reward points, and list of nearby restaurant. OpenTable is complete freeware it designed to make it easier to make restaurant reservation.

Wine Rating Guide

Wine Rating Guide it is a paid app in App store. it provide the largest wine database include ratings for over millions of wines and you can search wine by a variety of criteria include name, brand , price, groper, varietal,food pairings and region so on. The rating of wine is measured in scale maximum rating five-point on scale and you can make your rating depend on your mind set. This is prefect app to have on hand the next time you dine out.


Few people can able to calculate tip in the mind,but not all of them. Tipulator easily calculate your tip in second so that it is easy to use .its interface make it so simple by entering the bill amount , give details percentage you want and tip will be calculated. This is a paid app which supports various premium services for your use.


VegOut is the restaurant finder app for vegetarians and vegans. This app ispowered by It is a web based service for finding a near-by restaurant. You can search restaurant by name or location. In this application,User ratings and reviews about the various restaurantsare included. It is a paid app.


FoodSpotting designed to help you find new restaurant. It offers visual approach the app can display pictures of food item and dishes available nearbyrestaurants. And you may see restaurant by name and what food items available. Anthony Bourdieu is available in this app. This app is a freeware.


UrbanSpoon is the one the great app which provideinteractive interface to searching an restaurant in nearby like shaking an iPhone gives random search of restaurantnearby and also we search restaurant by price range, menu list etc. Once if you find good dining spot, UrbanSpoon also include ratings, menu and pictures. Moreover this app is a freeware.

Hope you have liked this list of application; I’m damn sure you would like this applications for your iPhone and submit your feedback through the comment box.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Top Best Free iPhone Music Apps

Band of the day
iPhone little expensive than other leading brands of mobile and tablets. In the same manner iPhone apps can be little too expensive than that of Apps in Google Play Store. This major expensiveness is due to its source. iPhone apps are closed source unlike the Android market. These app will be especially expensive when try to get them too much.Providentiallysome of the best music apps won’t cost you a much. Apps in iPhone can be used to listen free music or also functional to identify unknown song on the radio, so on fetching this iPhone app would add worthy to your collection.

1. Band of the day 

If you interested in discovering new music everyday this will be a precious app. Often app like other music app won’t provide you any sample music regarding the search. Band of the day provide you nearly 3 or 5 songs related to your search and helps to relate that is that musician satisfies your interest. When you skew like mad on a few genres-singer or writer,folk or blue then you’ll love this app, would have downloads at Itune.

2. Pandora Radio 

If you checkout the iPhone App store and review the most downloaded music app then Pandora Radio will be at the top. This is so because it is easy to download, very simple to use and works extremely to your satisfaction. Pandora app sets itself apart from the internet radio, as it allows to play a customized playlist as per the user. But the drawback comes to existence when you need to listen to more music because you’re limited to 40 hours of free music.

3. Shazam 

If your favorite number is going on the radio and doesn’t know who actually composed it, surely it’s going to be frustrating. Shazam really resolves this problem by hearing the music 10sec, it gives the complete details about that particular song. This song provides you 5 song identifications per month.


An competitor to Pandora which offers the same service as them but also it has some unique features associated with them like tour dates, calenders. You can skip as much song as you can and no restriction. It offers as many songs as possible but takes a lit longer to buffer.

5. Slacker Internet Radio 

Slacker Internet Radio offers you to access hundreds of radio stations. Offer you to personalize according to user’s wish, fine-tune also possible to those stations.

6. Rhapsody 

App discussed above will avail at free of cost initially but this app will cost at least $9.99 per month. This on the other side will offer to hear over 11 millionsong. Rhapsody allows you to listen songs offline, which is a massive benefit.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

App crash frequently for Apple's iPhone 5s

Apps runs in the iPhone 5s are not stable? Is it due to iOS 7? Or the new 64 -bit processor or the apps itself? According to a study overthrow apps on the iPhone 5s at any rate twice as often as they do on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5. According to U.S. reports, the study of analytics and monitoring company Crittercism found that apps crash on the new iPhone 5s twice as often as on the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5. 

In the evaluation of several hundred million apps supposedly turned out that the percentage of crashed apps in Apple's iPhone 5s of approximately 2 percent. The proportion of an app crash on iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, however, is reported to range from around 1 percent. A possible reason for the frequent crashes, the analysts see the 64 -bit combination of iOS 7 and A7 processor in the iPhone 5s.

Apparently, some developers had tested their apps rather late in this regard and not yet optimized respectively and adjusted. Overall, Apple is in the transition to 64 -bit system, but well done, it says in Crittercism. Previously in forums and on YouTube we heard a lot already numerous case studies to complete system crashes like “Blue Screen of Death “at Apple's iPhone 5s for attention. Apparently, Apple is aware of the problem and is working on relief. Apple has now released two iOS updates for iOS 7 and the update to iOS 7.0.3 should be followed shortly with further bug fixes.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Top iPhone apps that can control obesity

Abnormal weight causes people to feel worse than anything in this world; living with extra ordinary body weight is a bad curse for those who is having the abnormal weight. Most of them are trying to find a new ways to reduce their body weights and it is very difficult to find a better ways to reduce your weight in this technology era. If you have iPhone in your hand, then you can easily find a way to reduce the weight of your body. There are lot of application are available which helps you to reduce your body weight. This post allows you to learn information about the different apps and helps you to reduce your body weight.
Digifit – Monitor your Heart Activities
Digifit is an extra ordinary app which let you to monitor various activities of your heart beat. While you are performing various exercise activities, you should keep an eye on the heart beat rate and heart activities. It is the most important organ which plays an important role in your exercise activities. Digifit application brings you an interactive feature which helps you to monitor the various activities of your body heart rate. In the same time, the digifit allows you to make a note on the number of calories which are burnt on the daily basis.
Daily Calorie Calculator
Daily Calorie Calculator is an awesome app which helps you to calculate the amount of calorie which you’re in taking in the form of food. It is a simply and most effective iPhone app which helps you to maintain the constant diet and you can maintain your food calories by using this awesome app. This app has let you to use the interface which has various options for different gender, weight, height and various workout levels. This application may seriously helps in reducing the weight of a person by allowing them to consume only necessary calories of food.
MyNetDiary is a wonderful mobile application which allows you to track your fitness; MyNetDiary is a brilliant iPhone application that let you to customize the day to day routine diets on a regular basis. This application evaluates the various calorie charts for your food which you were in taking day per day. You can use this application in your mobile by subscribing it for free and also you can get the premium version of this application in your mobile for better features and functionalities.
Lose it
Lose it is a brand new iPhone which let you to know various information about the number of calories present in each and every food which you were consuming. This mobile app allows you to create a fully manageable plan which consists of various day to day activities. By using this iPhone app, you can set the goals to reduce the weight of your body and you can enter your body stats as well. You can set the application to bring you notification about your body activities through your email and allows you to reduce your body weight in a particular time period.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top iPhone App for web Developer

Smartphone are the leading tool which helps you to improve your performance in day to day life. By using the right apps, you can diagnose your problems and improve your skills and you can easily make your content to fly high. Smartphone helps you to perform your task more effectively and perfectly. In this post, you can find the best apps for blogging.

Dropbox is a best and must have app for the web developer which is used to store and back up your data on the cloud server. Dropbox is a leading service which is used to store your data over the cloud storage wherever you want. You can simply drag over your files over the Dropbox folder and you can share it to anyone you want. You can store up to 2.25 GB for free. Dropbox mobile app allows you manage your various activities over the Dropbox account and you can easily back up your data through this application. This is more advantages in the case where your mobile has low memory capacity and you can upload anything you want in your Dropbox account whenever you want. This app let you to share and maintain various files from any location in the world.

Adobe Photoshop Express:
Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best mobile editing apps which let you to perform various editing works by using your mobile itself. You can perform awesome editing work from your mobile itself which can be done by the Smartphone hardware design. This app replaces your home editing from your mobile itself. This app brings you an effective way to edit your pictures and you can perform various basic operations by using this tool. Adobe Photoshop Express helps you to adjust saturation level, brightness and you can also apply some filters for your work. This app works more effective on the devices with larger screen and you can easily edit your photos; you can perform various operations on your photos and it is more effective than the other photo editing applications.

Ego is an app which let you to monitor various information regarding websites. The process of website development is not only based on the great content. It is also relies on the analytic tool which you use for that website. Ego is a mobile app which let you to connect with various analytic tool at a single menu; it includes tumblr, vimeo, FeedBurner and also you can connect with your analytic tool using this tool. You can monitor the various activities on the about analytic tool which let you to monitor the various performance of your website. Various stats report is generated using this app and it let you to increase your work efficiency. With a single click, you can get the various analytic reports and makes you to analysis the value of your website. Ego helps you to determine your updates and you can easily improve your traffic by analyzing the different statistical report generated by this mobile app.

The various mobile apps are used for improving the performance of a website but using the effective mobile app, you can get various level of information about your site.