Thursday, March 31, 2016

Apple will Remove Headphone Jack from iPhone 7

 iPhone 7

Apple Headphones – Handset without Headphone Jack

A rumour regarding the new Apple headphones have been circulating recently and the first images of what seems to be of an iPhone 7 case has emerged online and seems to confirm the rumours that the new handset would be produced without a 3.5mm headphone jack. The images found by reliable tipster @OnLeaks indicate a transparent case having spaces for two equally sized speaker grillers together with the central lightening port signifying Apple would be intending to renovate the design of the bottom edge of the handset.

After reports first came up in early January, the rumours in recent month reveal that the upcoming model would be made one millimetre slimmer on removing the jack. The choice of removing the headphone jack could be a provocative one. Forbes state that `rumours suggest that Apple seems to be working on some pretty impressive technology comprising of a dual-lens system which means the iPhone 7 camera should be comparable to high quality DSLR cameras’. The company would probably include new wireless headphones together with the new handset or a pair of headphone that could connect to the phone via a lightning connector.

Eliminating Plastic Antenna Strips – Reasonable

Taking in account, Apple’s ownership of Beats, this would not be much of an issue. Third parties have been creating lightning connector headphone since June 2014 when Apple had extended its Made-for-iPhone licensing programme.

Besides this, the report also submits that the camera lens of the iPhone 7 would also probably sit in-line with its body and the plastic antenna bands would not stretch across its surface.As per MacRumours, the rear camera would be within the aluminium casing while the antenna bands would be only on the upper and lower edges rather than extending across the width of the handset.

 Apple spectators had been amazed at the decision of the company in permitting the camera on the iPhone 6 to project from its casing, claiming that it was out of character for Apple’s careful design standards as well as exposed the lens to scratching and other damage. Eliminating the plastic antenna strips also seems reasonable.

Features – Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner/12 MP Rear Facing Camera

The company had been granted a patent, last summer, detailing a metal composite capable of replacing the strips that was essential for the antenna of the phone to send and receive signal. The company is also said to be developing a kind of wireless charging that tends to free the iPhone from the need of being placed on a charging mat, which is presently the most commonly used format, as per Bloomberg. But this is doubtful of being incorporated in an iPhone before 2017.

Meanwhile, Apple has been preparing to send invitation to the media world ahead ofthe unveiling of the reported iPhone SE, which is a special edition 4-inch iPhone envisioned to take over from the iPhone 5s as the entry level model of the company. It has been rumoured that the new handset would feature a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and a12 MP rear facing camera, a near field communication – NFC chip which would support Apple Pay. Rumours reveal that the next flagship handset of Apple’s the iPhone 7, would feature various noticeable differences when it will be launched in September.

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