Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Closing Apps to Save on Your iPhone Battery is a Myth

Most of the smartphones tend to clear up the backlog of unused apps in order to give longetivity to the phone’s battery life. In case of iPhone users closing down the apps every then and now is quite common as iPhone is shipped low-powered batteries which make sense in getting more juice through killing the apps. But Apple has brought a new revelation few days back when it said closing down unused apps running in the back doesn’t have any effect on the draining of battery resources.

Inquisitive iPhone users compel Apple to answer this myth

Closing down the apps to decrease the strain of battery drainage over the time has finally come to a long standing myth. One of the inquisitive iPhone users named Caleb had sent a mail question whether closing down apps constantly helps in increasing the battery life or not. To his surprise the Apple senior vice president came with a prompt and swift reply which simply stated that it doesn’t help at all. Apple further elaborated that iOS is designed in such a way that multitasking apps doesn’t happen to drain the battery life when they are not in use.

A large number of iPhone users had become used to the regime of shutting down the apps by harboring the belief that it will help in prolonging the life of the Iphone. There had even been rumors that following the regime would eventually lead to degradation of the battery. Finally this long harbored myth has been laid to rest by the inquisitive iPhone user’s exchange of emails with the Apple.

iOS is smarter than you think

Once a users switches away from an app then iOS ensures that it suspends all it operations and doesn’t put any strain on the battery. If a user gets back to the same app then it emerges back from the frozen state. But with harboring earlier mentioned myth users unwontedly caused more strain on the phone and battery life as system has to repeatedly reload the app after it has been forcefully shut down by the user. Some of the apps which actively run in the background and depletes the battery are GPS navigator, audio recorder and any kind of music player which actively plays music in the background apart from these all other apps ceases their operations once users shifts away from it.

Some of the smart ways to prolong iPhone battery life

Use the feature of disabling the Background App Refresh as it will help in putting a stop to automatic content update on the suspended apps. Turn off the Location services as it causes a major drain on the battery resources. If you wish out exactly which apps are continuously draining the battery then go to the Battery Usage section present under the Settings and it will showcase the amount of power used by the apps. From here you can choose which apps should be suspended permanently in order to get more juice of out of the iPhone’s battery.

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