Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Video Demo Shows Benefits of Dual-Camera Technology


iPhone 7 – Dual Camera System – Improvement in Overall Image Quality

The iPhone 7, with a dual camera system would not only help in improving the overall image quality but also be capable of capturing more accurate details while zooming in. Corephotonics an Israeli company having their own dual camera technology recently provided  with a video demonstration emphasizing the advantages of utilising their own dual camera system. Source which produced a video with Corephotonics’ dual lens camera technology at the Mobile world Congress seemed to be similar to Apple acquired LinX. The short video which showed off Corephotonics’ dual camera technology in action provides an insight on what we would be seeing with regards to camera on the next-gen iPhone of Apple.

With rumours that Apple had introduced a dual-lens camera on one of the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, the video provides an opportunity of seeing such a kind of technology with glimpses of how it could work in next iPhone of Apple. The technology tends to use software to combine the images of two different camera lenses in creating a detailed image comprising of the ability to optically zoom with no moving parts.

Waterproof Design/No Antenna Bands /Flush Rear Camera/Wireless Charging

Corephotonics, in 2014, was capable of using the tech to provide thrice optical zoon though since then had increased its potentials in offering 5 time optical zoom. The demo portrays how the dual-lens camera can effectively optically zoon in an object while holding crisp details.

Besides this, it also places a zoomed in image from individual lens camera next to a zoomed in image from a dual-lens camera opposing the sharp difference among the two. When they were tested on iPhone 6s Plus compared to the dual-lens cameras, the outcome were basically identical to the Corephotonics demo together with the dual-lens camera offering particularly sharper image.

LinX technology also tends to use numerous camera lenses in creating a single high quality image comprising of noise reduction, sharper details and better low-light quality. It is rumoured that besides a dual-lens camera using LinX’s technology, the iPhone 7 may have a more waterproof design, no antenna bands on the back, a flush rear camera and if ready, wireless charging. It is expected to be released this fall.

Apple Researching/Enhancing Camera Technology

Though Apple has always been researching and enhancing on camera technologies, they tend to have over 800 people working on it with plenty of evidence suggesting that the iPhone 7 cameras would be representing mostly an impressive step ahead.

One of the interesting rumours, specially surrounding the iPhone 7 is that it could incorporated a dual camera system with optical image stabilization as well as zoom functions depending on technology it developed from an Israeli company, LinX, several months ago. One can only anticipate that Apple does not intend to make its dual camera technology exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus.

With several of the people finding Apple’s largest iPhone model somewhat awkward while using it, it would be inspirational to see that Apple gives its best camera technology all along its whole line-up of products.

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